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  1. can anyone tell me what frequency the wifi in the 2020 canyon is running at. i called gmc and they had no clue. i have a escort redline 360c radar detector that says it is connected to my wifi, but it doesn't work on it. i can't get updates downloaded, and no posted speed. thanks
  2. my problem is that it's a lease. so i am locked in for 39 months
  3. ok let me get this straight, I'm screwed. she did say that if we can't fix the problem, we might be able to do something for you. i don't trust anyone. so to me it sounds like the same problem like the air bags. they have a bunch of defective devices, and it would cost way too much to change or fix them. the dealer is a great dealer, they try to help out the best they can. but how can they fix something that has no fix. if i almost didn't get rear ended on the parkway last week, i would just keep biting my tongue and live with it. i didn't get another acardia like i had the first time due to a cost saving i needed to do. that had a few problems also, AC leak that they couldn't find, but re charged it when needed, and a horn that you needed to be charles atlas to be able to hit it to make it work. so what can they do with this problem. the no trust for me is, if it is a so called learning transmission, why can't they turn the learning feature off. it's simple, software change is how i see it. i told them i will go the lemon law. i will start bringing it in every week with the same problem, and after the forth time, i will start the process. i will wait and see what they say, before i start blowing fire out of my nose, and start the lemon law
  4. yes it does. today i got a call from GENERAL MOTORS and i have a case started. the young lady i spoke to today, said she was going to call the dealer, who i gave a very good wright up about, and said she was going to contact the engineers on the subject, and said she will be back in touch with me within 3 days. i asked how many people are complaining about this problem, and guess what, she said she can't tell me that. i told her i wasn't a mechanic, but that i have owned a lot of cars, and never heard of a transmission learning how i drive. but i did say i know somethings about software, and that the engineers should be able to write a software program to shut the learning feature off.
  5. what do you mean by shudder. i have a 2020 canyon, and the transmission slips between first and second gear. i went back to the dealer, and they told me it was learning how i drive. one of the techs on here told me the same thing. i asked it they could turn off the learning feature, and they said no, just learn to live with it. so last week i found out who is the president of GM, and wrote a letter to her about the problem. now i will see if i get a answer to it
  6. hi everyone, i go by cuznjohn, and lease a 2020 canyon. the first day i left the dealer, about 3 weeks ago, the transmission slipped from first to second gear. then after that, all was good. the next morning i went to go out in the truck, and it happened two more times. i went back to the dealer, told them what was going on, and a mechanic came out with a computer, hooked up to the car, took it for a ride, felt the slipping, and said the truck transmission is learning, and it could be 5k in miles to learn. i have never heard of this. is it true, and can the service dept. turn this feature off. i hate it. it happened once trying to get on a parkway, and the guy coming up on me, had to hit his brakes hard, and called me a pretty bad name. any help would be greatly appreciated. thanks
  7. morning everyone, my name is john, and i drive a 2020 silver canyon denali. being new here, i hope i am posting in the right section. i lease my car for pleasure use only. but i have two questions for someone who might know. the first is a transmission that slips from first to second gear. it doesn't happen all the time, and the dealer told me that it has to learn how i drive, and it can take up to 5k to learn. is this true?? the second question is the side steps. i am 68 years old, with a bad back and week legs. i think i made a mistake with this pickup, because getting in and out is a little tough. is there a way that the side steps can be lowered to a different setting. it would be great if it could be. thanks for any help and information you can give.......... john
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