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  1. Check the internet for Banks iDash. It is a 52 mm gauge made by Gale Banks that plugs into your OBD II port and reads hundreds of parameters from your truck. One of those is called "REGEN". It tells me if Regen is "OFF" or "ACT" for active. It also has average miles between Regens which mine stays about 120 in my 2000 miles I've had my truck. I have two of them, one for REGEN and the other for temperatures, oil, transmission and water as well as oil pressure. Each gauge can display up to 8 different parameters. Max
  2. Mine REGENs about every 120 miles. I have a Banks iDash gauge and can see when it goes into REGEN. What is your average distance between REGENs?
  3. Mine has been in for 3 months and has not given me any issues. One of the best mods I have done.
  4. I have had my 2020 Silverado RST with LM2 3.0 Duramax for three months and love this truck. It rides great and has plenty of performance and I have averaged 26 MPG since purchasing. My low was 24.8 and my high was 29.8. Diesel for me is the same as the mid-grade gas which is what I used before, so fuel costs have lowered for me since I am getting much better mileage. My truck holds 7 quarts of oil, so the oil change is actually a quart less, so a little cheaper, oil filters are about the same. Diesel does not like any water in the fuel so I change my fuel filter every time I change my oil filter. Overkill but keeps me from worrying, so that is an added cost. So far i have not had to add any DEF, diesel exhaust fluid, the blue cap next to your fuel cap, but will someday so that is an extra expense. I just love the diesel sound, although the LM2 is very quiet compared to other diesels. I am pleased with my truck and would purchase another.
  5. High temp paint should work but since they are chrome, you need a primer that works on chrome. Otherwise the paint will peal from the chrome. But you can always repaint as needed. Taking them off is easy. I replaced mine with powder coated ones. Looks so much better black. Good luck with painting.
  6. Traded my 2018 2500 Duramax due to a battery constantly discharging. Dealer could not determine how to fix it. It started at about 4000 miles. After having it towed from my driveway the third time, it had to go. I loved that truck but had no trust it would start when I turned the key. I have been researching and read somewhere that sometimes the Body Control Module, BCM, does not shut-down and it can drain the battery in 2-3 days. Not sure if this was my problem, but may be worth asking for yours. Good luck!
  7. Check YouTude, couple of videos showing how to take it apart. I had to take my apart to install the autostop eliminator.
  8. I used the last set of holes for my install and the Amp rotating arm did hit the frame brace on both sides. My only other set was 30 inches away and looks terrible. Used a dremel and cut an angled piece off of the brace and now it clears by about 1/8 inch. When they touched, they would transmit noise into the truck when driving slow. Since trimming, nice and quiet. Love the Amp steps.
  9. I did not get the second set of holes either so mine are positioned on the last set. I do like them there as I also like the symmetry of the front to back positioning. That bracket is the one I cut a triangle piece off of and now have a nice gap between the rotating bracket and the steel support piece. Mine still made noise once in a while and when checking, my steps were barely touching the truck in the rear. I loosen the bolts on the motor bracket and added a 1/8 inch shim between the bracket and the truck, so now nothing touches and nice and quiet.
  10. Both sides on mine hit the frame brace so I cut a little off of the corner of the brace and no more touching. They do clunk when going up but the ones on my Tacoma make the same sound. Before cutting a piece off there was a mechanical sound when driving slowly over bumps. That sound has disappeared since trimming the mount and no further contact between steps and brace. Love the Amp Steps and love the no-step look when raised,
  11. AKinlaw Any link to the Ebay seller where you got the tips powder coated? Did you supply the tips or did they do it all? My truck is same color and love have they look.
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