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  1. Yes this is very disappointing. I buy a new silverado almost every year since 2005. Usually a crew and it always has a 5.3L Z71 4WD. Never ever had a problem with my trucks until now. Just purchased a 2020 LT Crew Z71 with a 5.3L ,4WD and the 8 speed transmission which now has 750 miles on it. Very disappointed in the operation of this transmission. When accelerating up through the gears the transmission is flawless. When coming to a stop, a few feet before the actual stop, it feels like the truck has a shutter as the transmission is shifting down and actually working against you stopping. In most cases if the radio is off I can hear it as well as feel it. If coming to a stop and I shift into neutral the stop is nice and smooth like a stop should be. Have 2 recalls for the truck but none for the transmission. What gives GM these trucks are not cheap. Maybe my next one will be Ford or Dodge!!!!!!!!
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