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  1. Hey Fellas, I got a 2019 AT4 in March. So far been a pretty great little truck, enjoying the ride and even surprised at the fuel mileage on the highway! I do have a question that I’ve noticed recently. I’ll ask the dealer about it next week when I take it in for an oil change, but I figured I’d stop in here to see if I’m crazy or if some has experienced and knows a simple troubleshoot. It seems like when I get in and start going that the seat warmers are on both back and bottom, once I get about 5 min over the road I can notice warmth in excess of just body heat on leather! It even seemed to be this way when I got in this morning when it was pretty chilly outside for TX and still seemed to get warm on both parts of the seat even though I have not turned them on! The red lights are not lit up, unless I turn them on of course, yet it still seems that the heaters are indeed on to some extent even though they should and indicate to be off. Has anyone experienced something similar? Could this be a short somewhere? I keep thinking maybe I’m just crazy but today it was insane, 2 min after starting the truck and I felt like I had a heating pad on my back as if the warmers were on! Thanks for any tips or ideas before I let the dealer mess around with it next week... -Kevi Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. I know this is an old topic, but curious if anyone is able to fit their AT4 in their home garage? I did some measurements of some numbers I found off the GM site and seems like a REALLLLLYYYY right fit at best. It’s not a deal breaker for me either way as it’s a full size truck, but would be a pleasant surprise to know it’s possible.
  3. Im in Texas as well and been watching the AT4’s thinking the rebates would get better after the 7th. Everything I’m seeing shows the 6500$ rebate has dried up only leaving the 3-4K ‘dealer discount’. For example, one of the 2020s I was looking at that was 52 yesterday is now almost 59. Maybe they’ll update later today? Like others have said I’m in no rush and just waiting to see how good of a deal this things can get down to!
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