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  1. honestly I don’t know ..but I took it to the same guys that make me all the setup for my suspension ..and they put me everything I’m guessing any leaf may fit or you can search . I’m thinking rough country have em for the rear leafs .ill ask the guys later what kind of leaf they put me in the back ..cause usually are only 3 the stock ones ...and now I have 4 leafs in the back , that now gave me 2 inches more in the back
  2. I added some upper control arms too ..some cognito super heavy duty and pretty pricey but that solved my problem ..thanks guys
  3. Thank you guys for all the comments and all your opinions..I already solved the problem ..I put a 2 in spacer on top and I add an extra leaf in the back ..and no more rubbing and it looks moree sick I’ll send pictures right now
  4. I have an 2020 Silverado Trail Boss LT, and I’m running 10in Mcgaughy Suspension..but I still want to add 2 inch more with a leveling kit on top on the suspension ..will that affect my cv joint or put too much pressure on them ..Or what I can add so I can add does 2 inches more ? Upper control arms?? Or longer cv joints ??
  5. That’s the same question I had on my truck but ..I have a 10 in suspension with the stock cv joints and everything is perfect ..but my question is if I can still put 2 inches more with a Leveling kit on top of my suspension ,I was wondering if that’s not gonna affected my cv joints ..now that I’m gonna lift it little more ..if anyone knows, let me know if I can still put that on to of my suspension
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