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  1. I went with the 2” Rough Country top spacer. If i did it again I would go with the Eibach pro truck kit or a 2.5” spacer + 1” rear block.
  2. Nice truck. How’s the ride? Did you measure before and after? Thanks
  3. Mine is a 2019 gmc X31 with 275/60/20’s also.
  4. In summary.... with springs and struts Installed together you get the following lift amount: bottom ring = 1.2” second ring from bottom= 1.9” third ring from bottom = 2.7” 1 and 2 is a better ride than factory and the 3rd is a bit stiffer. Do I have this correct?
  5. I had to superglue one of mine on the edges to keep it from hitting the window.
  6. Very nice. Looks like the front is slightly higher even with a 2” block. Would you say it have you 2.5” where did you buy the kit?
  7. Did you get true kit installed? How is the ride, what is the ride height? thanks.
  8. Your truck looks great, I want to do the same. What are your front fender measurements from the ground? Mine is 38.5 driver and 38.75 passenger. Not sure why it’s uneven. No issues with your cv angles? Thanks!
  9. Anyone running a 2.5” leveling kit? I only see two out there; suspension maxx and motofab, are either of these any good? I have a 2” rough country leveling kit and It only actually lifted the front around 1.5”. I would like a true 2.5”. Pictures would be appreciated. Thanks
  10. Anyone running this lift? How is the quality and is there any concern with 2.5” on the cv angle? I have 2019 Sierra SLT X31 and want to run it with a 1” block in the back. any pictures would be appreciated. Thanks
  11. I have a 2019 Sierra SLT with the infotainment unit but no nav. Can I purchase this SD card and load into the center console to upload navigation? Is it that easy? thanks. https://www.ebay.com/itm/GENUINE-2019-GMC-Sierra-Silverado-GM-84528704-OEM-latest-navigation-GPS-card/202701187314?hash=item2f31eea8f2:g:-mcAAOSw00Bc-rvq
  12. Has anyone swapped the non Bose speakers for Bose? Is the sound improvement worth it? Thanks.
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