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  1. Thanks for your reply. How does your Bilstein setup ride at 2” compared to the ready lift? Do you have a block in the back?
  2. They go up to 2.5” max. Bilstein told me they are tuned so that each height setting will not change the ride quality. Seems hard to believe.
  3. Following..... at the # 5 setting they say it give 2” of lift. I am wondering how the ride is at this level.
  4. How does this compare to the RC and Eibach kits? https://www.bilsteinlifts.com/shop/chevy-gmc/silverado-1500/2019/bilstein-b8-5100-0-2-5-front-rear-lift-shocks-for-2019-2020-gmc-sierra-1500-2wd-4wd/
  5. I am ready to swap out the 2” RC spacer, the ride is pretty terrible ever since I installed them. I am stuck between the Eibach pro truck kit or just getting the 2” Rough Country leveling struts. I want 2-2.5” lift and a factory like ride. what would be best? Thanks
  6. Thanks for posting, looks great. How is the ride? How much total lift did you get?
  7. Nice truck. What setting did you use and how much lift did you get? Is it stiffer than stock trailboss suspension?
  8. Any extra lift with this setup on the trail boss? What size tires are those? Looks great.
  9. Anybody running this kit? How do you like it and how is the ride? Can I run OEM wheels with 286/65/20’s? Please post pictures. Thanks.
  10. How much total lift did you guys get from this kit? Fender measurements would be appreciated.
  11. Curious what everyone’s leveled Sierra fender heights are with the various leveling kits out there. Here’s mine: 2 RC level spacers - 38.5” driver, 39” passenger. Also, is it normal for each side to be off by 1/4 - 1/2”?
  12. Mine does it, dealer has ordered new shims, we’ll see if it goes away. Mostly notice in reverse but sometimes going over bumps. 19 Sierra x31 with 2” spacer.
  13. I have the 2” spacer and the ride is terrible. Curious about these as well.
  14. How difficult was the install? Could you provide some info on how you installed it?thanks.
  15. Have them installed yet? Curious how much lift they provide.
  16. I am wanting to do this also, I believe the sd card could be purchased on eBay but not sure If it’s plug and play. Anyone done this themselves?
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