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  1. May I ask how it was determined that a DFM solenoid was at fault? The dealers I have brought it to are a bunch of code resetters and "unable to duplicate." No real effort.
  2. I had the brake controller update done about 2 weeks ago and I make shre I use my parking brake all the time and these codes magically appeared again yesterday. Time for another visit to the dealer....probably with no solution. This has probably been the biggest piece of junk I have ever bought. Weekly visits.
  3. I am wondering if you have had any solution or update to this issue. I may be having the same problem over the past few days. Flashing check engine light for 10 seconds or so, no noticeable issue. Dealer found store misfire code. Happened again a few days later.
  4. Well...it went back to the selling dealer, they sent it over to their local body shop to get painted, and surprise, surprise, they didn't do it right. I'm not going to point fingers at the dealer yet, maybe they didn't know as the body shop is independent but I was "told" that the spoiler was going to come off and be sanded down and be completely repainted. It is obvious that is not what had happened. They just fixed the small spot and sprayed half the spoiler, and a poor job at that. I see clear coat overspray on my C pillar, sagging paint drips right above the rear window which is flaking off and dull paint under the third brake light which they couldn't polish out since it was so close to the edge of the window. This all could have been done right the first time if they just removed the spoiler. I don't want to have to worry about the paint peeling off again in the future because they painted over defective paint/primer. This is frustrating to say the least as 25% of my miles and ownership have been spent returning to the dealer for service.
  5. Added an Undercover Elite LX Tonneau Cover this week and a Bedrug!
  6. Add another 2020 Sierra with 700 miles to the list of trucks with this problem. Calling the dealer for an appointment but it sounds like this will take repeat repair attempts. Started truck up this morning with check engine light on. Called OnStar and received the following Codes: P25A2 U0100 U0146
  7. I have paint chipping/peeling on the spoiler on my 1 1/2 week old 400 mile Sierra. Going in for a repaint......
  8. First let's start off saying that my experience was very poor at the first dealer I visited as they flat out refused to provide any service since I did not purchase the truck from them. They were friendly at first but as soon as they found out I did not buy from they they just gave me my keys back and threw me out the door. I would not recommend anyone visit King O'Rourke Buick GMC Cadillac in Smithtown, NY. Any GMC dealer should be able to resolve warranty issues no matter where the vehicle was purchased. They were my closest dealer and more than likely would have seen the majority of my service work but they were shortsighted and will see nothing now. Anyway, I am waiting to hear back from my selling dealer about the paint issue for now and I also contacted [email protected] about the issue.
  9. Thanks, that's what I was looking for. Sorry to hear out yours. Since it is so new, I'm going to work on getting GMC to do a repaint on that piece, or see if they'll give me an extension on the warranty in writing if it deteriorates any further. I would rather keep the original than have a repaint. I'll touch up the small spot that is there for now.
  10. Hello, I know this topic is a little old but I have a new 2020 that I have had for a week and 300 miles on it and I just went to clean it for the first time and I'm having the same problem. What was your outcome?
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