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  1. Ok thanks a lot for the info, wasn’t sure on how much to spend on some but now I know. Thank you!
  2. Hey guys I’m thinking of putting on some leveling kit in the front but not sure on what to get. Any suggestions on the best ones to get for a decent price? TIA.
  3. 45,000 miles on the truck. Just bought the truck a month ago with brand new tires.
  4. So are these 2lt z71 suppose to have like a “racing” Type steering or something? My 2017 Silverado steering is a little stiffer than normal and it is super sensitive. One thing that is driving me crazy is that it does not want to go straight on its own. I don’t think it’s an alignment issue because this is different than from when the alignment is off. It’s kind of hard for me to explain but I keep zig zagging in my lane because my truck just doesn’t want to go straight on it’s own. And it’s not like it’s pulling, it’s more like there’s no assist of keeping the truck rolling smoothly. If this makes sense..
  5. Isn’t getting it tune the expensive way of doing it though?
  6. Has anyone tried or uses the range technology AFM disabler? Does it work? Pros and cons?
  7. Ok thanks for the info. Just another quick question, I feel like my truck does not have the “V8” torque like it should. It lags and sometimes delay acceleration. I test drove another Silverado with 5.3L V8 and it was super strong with torque. Could I have a leak somewhere or clogged/blockage somewhere? Or is it just the lag of the AFM?
  8. Yeah dealership lowered it to 35psi but it is still jumping. Did you ever get it resolved? If so, how? I’m taking it to Chevy tomorrow and hopefully they can do a better job than Lincoln, but if they can’t either then I would like to know what other things I can do to get it fixed. I would not want to be driving it like this during winter.
  9. Just checked the truck today. Not the seats. Any other ideas on what it can be?
  10. Also were you having the same issue as I am? Rear end jumping or swaying to the side when going over potholes and bumps?
  11. Should I even go get a second opinion from Chevy themselves or do you think it’ll just be a waste of time since there is no leak on the ranchos. Rear end is jumping and according to Chevy service consultant that is not normal and shouldn’t be happening. What the hell do I do at this point?
  12. Tire pressure was at 45 when I first brought it in. That was the first thing they tried. Lowered it to 33-35 and still have the issue. I mean it’s probably not as bad as it is on 45psi but still having the problem. As for the previous owner, I’m not too sure. Maybe that is something I should’ve asked before buying.. And at this point I might as well keep the extended warranty because for some reason I feel like I’m gonna have some transmission/engine problems real soon Because now I am noticing a “clunk” when decelerating in low gears and coming to a stop. I’m starting to regret this purchase. $32k with issues. I should’ve just gotten a tundra..
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