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  1. You will have better luck going into the dealer or calling. Odds are, they think you’re just trying to get prices to have someone else beat it. With that being said, my local dealer only did MSRP - Consumer Cash. Went and found a dealer a few hours away who did around $5000 off after freight plus consumer cash off MSRP.
  2. Congrats on the move. My wife and I are Virginians and visited San Diego two years ago. Absolutely incredible place. Would be the only place we’d move!
  3. Purchased a 2020 5.3 Trail Boss with Leather, Connivence I/II, and bed protection yesterday after weeks of searching. MSRP $55,340 Dealer Discount $6644 Rebate $5000 Then tax (VA) tags title and freight OTD at $47,924. Overall I thought it was a great deal considering my local dealer is adding $2k to trail bosses as a local adjustment.
  4. I said sales tax to Virginia but didn’t mention I was buying in NC. Water under the bridge now though.
  5. Well they just called me back. They had a pricing error and it was going to be quite a bit higher. Oh well. Back to the waiting game.
  6. Talking to a dealer now about a LT Trail Boss. Still working on trade but have been initially quoted $47,619 out the door to Virginia. That includes bed liner, running boards, and all weather mats. Total discounts were $12232. Seems like the best deal I am going to get now. Just depends on the trade in value. Any thoughts?
  7. Congrats on the new truck. That’s the same exact spec I’m shopping for. Do you know if you get the conquest cash if you’re trading in a Chrysler/Dodge/Ram/Jeep vehicle?
  8. Hey all, just joined as I’m shopping for an LT Trail Boss. Got quoted MSRP minus the current $5,000 consumer cash for a Northsky Blue with Leather and Conveince Package I and II over the weekend. At this point, is that the best I’m going to get? Either way I’m thinking we’re going to wait to see what September and October holds.
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