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  1. I'm about to take delivery of a 2020 LT Trail Boss. Shortly afterward, I'll be towing a UHAUL utility trailer so I'd like to pick up a hitch ball mount to suit but I don't know how much drop, if any, is needed. According to UHAUL "The optimal ball height for towing U-Haul trailers is 18½ to 18¾ inches. This is measured from the ground to the middle of the hitch ball". Given that, are there any LT Trail Boss owners here that know the height of the hitch receiver and/or can recommend a hitch ball mount for this application? Maybe I should just get an adjustable? I don't have any other plans for towing but I'm sure that if they come up, it would be similar types of trailers. I've done a lot of searching but couldn't find the measurement. Thanks in advance.
  2. I have a similar background and for any number of reasons other than merely customer service (sarcasm), it's hard to imagine that the shipping channel is that opaque. Edit: Dealer confirmed current location of vehicle at temporary storage/ distribution facility in the region awaiting inspection and sanitizing etc. They're doing their best to expedite the process, which I appreciate.
  3. First post on the forum. Thanks in advance. Soon to be newbie Silverado owner. I have a deposit on a truck that is "in transit" to the dealer, was expected August 4 and had been in transit for a couple weeks prior to that. Dealer tells me they aren't able to predict the delivery or locate the vehicle in any detail until it arrives. Does that ring true? I've ordered vehicles from Chevrolet previously that were much more predictable on transit time. I guess these are unusual circumstances these days but my question is whether I should expect the dealer to have more info on the status of the truck.
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