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  1. No the back seat will be staying and i’ll be cutting a port hole into the cab. probably like 12” tall and 30” wide or so.
  2. For now i will have 4 X8V3’s on the salt -6. I’ll keep this for the first 8 months to a year till I have the box for my 4 sundown 12ZV5’s and I’ll have to buy another sundown salt-6 to get the max spl out of these subs. Yes I plan on using Focal K2 mids and tweeters and still undecided on the amp for my midrange and tweeters.
  3. This is the reason for my upgrade.. Sundown Audio SALT-6 6,000 watts RMS and 10,500 watts at 1 ohm mono.. its a power hungry sumbish.. at idle pulls around 150amps and 1000 amps peak. Has 3 1/0awg power wire inputs. I also have two 45AH lithium batteries from Limitless lithium that have the same capacity of 18 50lb AGM batteries. Really a no brainer as I dont want to be lugging around 800-900 lbs of batteries as these lithiums only weigh like 36 lbs combined. They charge fast as hell too.
  4. Heres the pic of my limitless lithium 45ah batteries
  5. I dunno but I guess I’m going to tackle it no matter what. Already spent around $7,000 On this Sundown Audio system and I’ll be damned if I’m going to let a damn alternator stop me from having a bitchin stereo in my new truck. This is what my battery looks like. It’s about to go bye bye as I have two Limitless Lithium 45AH lithium batteries to use (90AH combined) total weight 36lbs and has the power of 18 AGM 50lb batteries
  6. Just wondering if anyone has installed a mechman 370 amp alternator onto a 2020 gmc sierra 6.2L engine yet?? My motor does not have a belt tensioner and has what mechman calls a “stretch belt” says it cant be done unless i just install a 250a alternator and that isnt big enough for my audio needs.
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