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  1. I had the same thing happen and new remote was the ONLY thing that fixed it
  2. I had the same issue with my 2020. It would get worse after a rain. It did start after I installed a brake light bar. I removed it, hoping that would fix it but alas, it continued to be an issue. Tech at dealer asked if I had ever removed my tailgate (I had... to install the light). Seems like that was the issue. It wasn't clicked in tight and water got in.
  3. I had added a brake light bar to my 2020 and had constant headaches with it and eventually pulled it off It's now 2023 and I want to put LEDs on my camper and am getting the following as shown in the video. https://photos.google.com/share/AF1QipOs07FMpbLN9o3szqkuJOR7mwhbYpW0BlSLOJejJZaGVwO20c0lTtfSzrSjnBx2-Q/photo/AF1QipMvn4D39-tCevx-DoQKPALJvaUdc5Fj5ioYx96E?key=Y3hQMExsaGRZUUVIV0pmQ2ltOS03Rms1MF9oQ0FR I have seen a few people say that they needed to add a resistor. Cool What resistance to match the impedance of the incandescent bulbs? I saw the Curt 57003 but not how anyone mounted it and honestly seems a bit janky to have plugged into the factory location and then presumably screwed to some part of the bumper? I'd much rather have something that plugs in to the plug underneath and replaces the factory plug.
  4. https://www.amazon.com/HERCHR-Circuit-Adapter-compatible-universal/dp/B07RTHKYHR/ref=sr_1_4?crid=3JQ0K9IEGPJNL&keywords=3+blade+fuse+tap&qid=1685670523&sprefix=3+blade+fuse+tap%2Caps%2C114&sr=8-4#customerReviews You will need to file it down a bit to fit. I used some sandpaper and took about 2-3 minutes
  5. About 95% sure it isn't going to fit. Every single picture I have seen has been on a "non"-refresh model. Let us know though!?
  6. Good Q, I am looking to add a bullbar and don't want to pay for the upfitter switches. https://404parts.com/products/2019-2021-silverado-sierra-upfitter-auxiliary-switches-package Have you found a bullbar for our refreshed trucks? Been having a tough time.
  7. Does that have the lane keep assist? I know with the Viofo, it was picking up the lane keep's huge box
  8. Have a Viofo A129 Pro. Worked well in my 2020 but this 23 refresh with lane keep assist has an enormous block of plastic there. The issue is, if I put the camera to close to that box, the box blocks out a lot of the image. So, what are those with this monstrosity of sensors doing for cameras?
  9. For me, seemed like the range died on it. If I swing my hip a bit toward the dash, it works. I gave up trying to figure it out because it's not every time/hard to show the dealer
  10. Forget the number but it's the TCM. Think it's just below F40 (hard number to forget) Still trying to figure out the switched power. The ONLY one I can find is a 3 blade and I'm not 100% sure which one to buy on Amazon
  11. Why would you send a PM instead of answering here where others can use the info!?
  12. What are you all using? 26 seems like a good candidate but it's a 3 blade. Anyone have a particular tap they suggest? Apologies if this has been discussed. Tried searching on my phone here with no luck
  13. Interesting, there is no sheet metal here. Well, there is, but there is no lip, so if I cut the plastic out, there'd be NOTHING to hold it
  14. Perhaps I just need to cut out that piece of plastic as mentioned and the tech that installed it on the old truck just hacked things together
  15. Seen that but this is how it was mounted on old truck: There's nowhere to install those clamps on the new one
  16. So strange, it had brackets that the handles clipped to on the old truck but everything I can find online, shows them simply clipping to the bed rail. Thanks for the heads up though!
  17. This is the part: https://www.gmpartsdirect.com/oem-parts/gm-bed-tonneau-cover-by-advantage-19416976
  18. I had the dealership install my tonneau (and remove it) on my 2020. On my 2023, I do not see anywhere to mount the brackets that the handles sat on near the tailgate. Was there a design change? Anyone with pics of how theirs mounts would be greatly appreciated
  19. Interesting...... they're both the "refresh", right? Is it just less bass on the 23? I pick mine up Monday
  20. Edit: Going from 2020 Bose to 2023 Bose Curious if anyone has gone from a 19/20 to "refresh" and can speak about the sound quality differences. Less bass/more? Is it any clearer? I see some people saying the Bose is garbage but is there a significant change between the non-refresh and the refresh? While not a "great" sound in my 2020, it suffices my needs Bass is pretty easy to "fix" but if there's a ton of distortion etc, that starts getting pricy..... adding amps, speakers, etc etc Thanks!
  21. Had the same issue when I bought mine. The hard plastic matts got caught on top of the pedal and I hadn't noticed. Truck refused to start
  22. Maybe if you're running a TON of power? I have had my truck with the stocker on past 120 and no issues with the mythical "exploding shaft" Of course, this was done at a track
  23. Are you able to install Pandora or Spotify on the new head units? If so, you can likely say "Hey Google, play ****** on Pandora"
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