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  1. check the other thread, a bunch of guys have included their lifts and wheels/tires combo specs mine is a readylift 3.5/3” sst lift kit, 22x10 -18mm fuel blitz wheels with 35x12.50x22 nitto ridge grapplers my lift kit came with bilstein shocks
  2. my ride improved with new shocks and new tires over stock.
  3. curious, why not just spend the extra $150 and just get the banks derringer? it has so many more features that blow this thing out of the water in terms of value.
  4. can’t say either way. i don’t drive slow enough to have “good” gas mileage on the highway, and haven’t had the derringer on a road trip yet to see any sort of improvement, but i wouldn’t count on it. i def accelerate faster now because of it, which hurts mileage for sure! i just took a 400+ mile road trip and i averaged about 17mpg on the highway at 80mph id have to make the same drive to see if there’s improvement since i have a baseline without it now! i leave it on level 2 (one above stock).
  5. Two more since we're limited on file size. Head to head with a brand new F-250 Lariat FX4 for comparison. My truck looks like it's in a different league now.
  6. Finally took some decent photos of the truck after the new lift and boots! ReadyLIFT 3.5/3" SST Lift (comes with Bilstein shocks) -- huge ride quality improvement over stock Banks Derringer (badass little multi-gauge) 35x12.50x22 Nitto Ridge Grappler tires Fuel Blitz 22x10 -18 wheels *Note that the truck isn't on even ground, so the gaps aren't how they normally look. It's got a slight rake forward, but a much more level look overall.
  7. copy that! yeah, the pulling and yanking of pieces off the truck scares me... and without fully understanding what i'm pulling, i don't want to break anything. looks great man! does it improve visibility a bunch? thanks again for sharing!!
  8. refer to this thread, see if there's similar descriptions of the issues. a number of people, including myself, are experiencing issues with the steering. https://www.gm-trucks.com/forums/topic/230549-noisy-steering-column/
  9. Did they cover it under warranty, no issue? Would love to see what sort of documentation they have to support this repair, so I could share with my dealership if it came to it.
  10. nice! can't wait to see it. would love to find a complete tutorial on how to remove the front grill, if you followed on to get back there! out of curiosity, any reason you didn't do it in the lower valence opening, in/below the bumper instead? that's where I'm thinking I want to put mine.
  11. That's awesome! Thanks for sharing! Would love to see more photos of it at night and on during the day! Also, you have any more pictures/insight as to how you specifically wired it up? i would love to do something like this... but would have to figure out how to get the grill off first....
  12. Yeah my 35" tires with my -18 offset definitely rubs while going over bumps with a slight turn in the wheel. There's less than a half-inch of clearance between the fender well/bumper (metal part) leading edge and the corner of the tire at certain points of turning. You'd have to have a higher offset to bring the wheel in further, so while my wheel wouldn't necessarily work with a 37" tire, a higher offset wheel might. It truly all depends, just like @gSwift said. I've been waiting to post pictures of my setup until after I get a good car wash!
  13. Ford F-250 has adaptive cruise control option... but our "top of the line" GMC's do not. It's the one gripe I have about this model line! The last three vehicles I've owned had adaptive cruise control, since my 2014MY Jeep Grand Cherokee.
  14. yes my Bilstein shocks on my ReadyLIFT 3.5/3" SST kit are a definite upgrade over stock. Much better ride. Probably can be attributed to both the new tires and the shocks, but overall, it's definitely a better ride than stock.
  15. there's already an entire *active* thread dedicated to this, just 5 posts down
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