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  1. I think it has to do with the DEF you use. I did fuel pump def for my first fill up and went about 3800 miles. I filled up with the more MPG efficient "green" version of PEAK and it started throwing codes left and right. "DEF quality" "DEF levels" etc all thrown after started using the Green PEAK stuff. I'm going back to the pump after I get through this batch of DEF in my tank. I will say, I'm noticing that my Regens are fewer and further between (800 miles, regardless of Soot Level) as opposed to the previous 450-600 miles with the Green PEAK DEF fluid -- which is why they're
  2. I did 20% on front two windows and sunroof. No tint but ceramic on windshield and back windows to help with heat rejection. It definitely helped. My truck was a hot box before that!
  3. Try combing through this topic... there's been several folks complaining about a similar issue! Hopefully this helps you understand the problem.
  4. AY-MEN, BROTHER. The gasser might have a bigger issue with heavier wheels/tires but our Diesels don.t. So there. Also worth noting that my stock 20" wheels and tires were not significantly lighter or heavier than my new setup. So I never noticed ONE difference at all. Obviously different for a WT stock setup.
  5. try this thread: https://www.gm-trucks.com/forums/topic/243520-2020-sierra-hd-light-bars/
  6. I'm pretty sure you can use the gauge to set it up (ie. choose your power level), then you don't have to leave it connected after that? I thought I saw that somewhere, but I'm not entirely sure on that.
  7. yes. same to all of that. it's noticeable and almost tolerable on normal smooth roads, but the minute you get onto uneven surfaces, it's amplified!
  8. it's the same thing .. just the full name... the iDash SuperGauge and iDash DataMonster are the only two versions. One logs data and the other doesn't. https://www.bankspower.com/i-2923-derringer-tuner-w-supergauge-includes-activesafety-and-banks-idash-1-8-supergauge-for-2020-chevy-gmc-2500-3500-6-6l-duramax-l5p.html#!submodel%3D6.6L DIESEL||model%3DSIERRA 2500 HD||make%3DGMC||year%3D2020
  9. if you keep stuff like that, i wouldn't want to see what other junk you have laying around your garage!
  10. yeah same here! it's badass. I didn't realize I needed it until I've had it installed. there's so much info and customization!
  11. I have the same noise... it's hard to tell if it's "vibration" from the uneven ground but when I go over uneven ground like a dirt road, i get that same vibration too.
  12. I wouldn't get a low or negative offset wheel if you aren't leveling or willing to do some trimming. I have a 3.5" lift and I still rub on both the front and rear of the front wheel wells. I'd venture to say my -18 offset with my 10" wide wheel has a greater impact on the trimming and rubbing than the tire size does. The tires are only roughly .9" wider in diameter than stock, which is only less than a half inch wider from the center of the wheel (figure how much closer the tire is to the things it could rub on). The offset is what creates the need for the trimming more than the tire, when tu
  13. check the other thread, a bunch of guys have included their lifts and wheels/tires combo specs mine is a readylift 3.5/3” sst lift kit, 22x10 -18mm fuel blitz wheels with 35x12.50x22 nitto ridge grapplers my lift kit came with bilstein shocks
  14. my ride improved with new shocks and new tires over stock.
  15. curious, why not just spend the extra $150 and just get the banks derringer? it has so many more features that blow this thing out of the water in terms of value.
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