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  1. I also tried pushing the pedal to the floor twice. I pushed it until it stopped and then held it there for about 5 seconds. Let it up on it's own then did it again. The brakes are significantly better. They feel so much better. Thanks for sharing the idea TheElementalCashew!!
  2. No it isn't paint matched. Tough lighting with the sun at my back. It is the smoke model of the deflector and is black. It's got a little gloss to it and matches my black grill which I like. You would probably be able to tell if the damn truck was clean.
  3. Here is a couple pictures of the autoventshade on my '21 3500. Sorry the truck is so dirty. Just got back from camping and haven't washed it yet.
  4. I also installed an aeroskin, just like the one in your picture Cobra, that was the smoke model from autoventshade. I have a 21 GMC Sierra 3500. I really like it. It feels very solid and fits perfectly it seems. Install wasn't very hard to install by myself either. Might help having a second person but definitely doable by yourself. I am happy with it.
  5. I purchased a Husky under seat storage box for my 2021 3500 GMC Sierra. I can't tell you if it is bigger than the stock box, but it does have the mounts for the jack and tools. That is how it is held in place is with the jack mounts. I just cut some notches out on either side to go over the lip on the floor mats. Looks nice. I can also get the small stuff out without lifting the seats. There might be about 2.5" to 3" from the top of the box to the bottom of the seat. I also have small hands, so that helps. I am happy with the Husky though.
  6. I tried to listen to them and it didn't work for me either.
  7. Here is the link that the accessories guy at my dealership used on my Fuels, 18x9 +20 offset. He couldn't get one of the factory ones to work, so he used these and had no problems. https://tiresupplynetwork.com/products/17-43041-tpms-multi-frequency-smart-sensor-snap-in-1
  8. My dealer was able to get my VIN number immediately after it's production week. I am almost certain it hadn't even left the plant on the railcar yet and he had mine. There is a thread on here describing the process with all the 4 digit numbers, but I am not sure what number is associated with the VIN.
  9. I have a '21 GMC 3500. I came from an '06 2500 silverado, which I thought had a good ride for a 2500. I personally think this 3500 rides better than the '06 2500 empty. It is definitely a stiff suspension, but it rides surprisingly well. My cousin-in-law is my salesman at the dealership and he told me there is hardly a difference in ride quality between the 2500 and 3500. I didn't drive a 2500 when I bought this one, I just took his word for it because there wasn't any 2500's on the lot at that time. A few different threads on here talk about not being able to tell much of a difference between the two on test drives. I lowered the air pressures in the tires for driving around empty and that helped a lot. I expect it to ride like a truck and not a car so to me it rides really nice for a truck.
  10. I have a '21 GMC Sierra 3500 WT gasser. It obviously doesn't have power seats either. I am 5'9" and can see just fine. You will just have to get used to not seeing as much directly in front of you since the hood blocks more of your front view. But I think the overall view is plenty good. I once drove it 600 miles in one day and I even thought the seat was fine. It didn't bother me at all. I know the seat bothers some people, but it didn't even make my legs or back hurt. My '06 2500 silverado would eventually make my back hurt on those longer trips. This truck's seats haven't done that to me yet. I really like the truck.
  11. '21 GMC WT, 3500, SRW, Crew, standard, gas, Payload = 4,044 lbs.
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