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  1. I stand corrected! I now see that you cannot remove it from displaying after opening the door but before starting. The instructions I referenced only apply to the "Info Pages" display in the DIC (where the hours can be removed by unchecking it). Sorry about the incorrect info I offered earlier. JMHO No expertise implied or expressed
  2. This (part #12707246) is the new PF63 that replaces the PF63E. Your manual probably calls for part # 12690385-PF63E but as you can see at the below site that filter has been superseded by the 12707246-PF63. Just make sure it's the PF63 with the proper part # (as pictured above) if you're looking for the PF63E. https://gmserviceinsights.com/new-acdelco-oil-filters-deliver-enhanced-performance/ This has caused a lot of confusion because ACDELCO/GM decided to rename the filter from the PF63E. Therefore it's important to have the correct part number for your PF63 application. This post is not directed at/to the OP. I just chose this post because use it's an excellent picture of the new filter part number. This is just information directed to, and for the benefit of, the general forum population. JMHO No expertise implied or expressed
  3. You should be able to remove it through your DIC Info Page Options (Pg. Numbers 125-127 in the below Owner's Manual). https://my.gmc.com/content/dam/gmownercenter/gmna/dynamic/manuals/2021/gmc/sierra-1500/2021-gmc-sierra-1500-owners-manual.pdf JMHO No expertise implied or expressed
  4. Sad To say, My rear window is leaking for the second time. Yep, fixed once already and now it's leaking again. My truck doesn't even have 7000 miles on it yet. Stopped by the dealership to see about repair and was told they would need it for 2 days (one day for the leak test and one day for repair) and no loaners are available because they have all been returned to sales stock. I told the service advisor how nice it is that they are screwing over existing customers so they have the stock to make new customers (I have purchased 5 vehicles from this dealership in the last 3 years). She said, trust me I hear that everyday, we're not happy about it either. I don't think I'll buy another GM product. It's too bad, I think the Silverado is the best looking truck available these days. JMHO No expertise implied or expressed
  5. Sadly this looks like another case of either a troll (this was first and only post) or another poster who posts and never checks back in or provides follow up information. I checked the poster's profile and he/she/they/them hasn't visited the site since February. I just checked the RSI website and it shows them on backorder for the 5'8" bed. https://www.na.rsismartcap.com/products/smartcap-evo JMHO No expertise implied or expressed
  6. Let me see if I am understanding this correctly. Your tailgate is closed and the cord and plug from the tailgate are hanging down and accessible. Is that correct? If you can access the plug from the tailgate side you may be able to access the the male or female connectors inside the plug and apply some voltage using an outside source, i.e., a 12 volt battery, charger, etc., to activate the locking mechanism. I Installed an aftermarket version on a previous truck (Colorado) and was actually able to activate the locking mechanism using a 9 volt battery. I did so to test it's function before closing up the access panel. JMHO No expertise implied or expressed
  7. Yes, sadly what you have found is true. GM/OnStar is missing the boat on this one. I suspect if they offered the services at a MUCH better price point they would pick up a lot of subscribers. Instead they choose to gouge those who buy the services. The services included in the purchase of the vehicle are really pretty useless with the possible exception of the vehicle diagnostics. I have SiriusXM in 3 vehicles. Why? because they let me negotiate the price down to $5 a month per vehicle. I wouldn't even consider it at the regular $14.99 a month but at $5, I'm in (I live is a small town with few FM choices). If OnStar offered the "Essentials" for $10 a month, instead of $40, I'd have that in 3 vehicles too. They would be making $30 a month off me instead of the $0 they are making now. I probably still would only use it rarely but I would buy it as a type of insurance. Phone apps cover many of the services provided by OnStar for free and you can access the 5 years free GM road service via the GM customer service number. Put the GM number on speed dial and it's as easy as pushing the OnStar button for road service. I found during my free OnStar trail periods the only thing I used was the remote entry/start from the phone app (mostly as a novelty, not a necessity). $180 a year so I can basically unlock/start my vehicle from my phone is pretty steep, IMHO. If you read the threads on OnStar services, you'll see many, if not most, people don't feel it passes the cost-vs-benefit analysis. JMHO No expertise implied or expressed
  8. I suggest you read this 217 page thread about the sliding rear window leaks before you decide to install an OEM rear slider. https://www.gm-trucks.com/forums/topic/216705-rear-window-leak/ JMHO No expertise implied or expressed
  9. Yes, one of the things a pickup truck is designed to do is carry stuff. However some may have suggested a trailer because your towing capacity is probably 5 times your payload carrying capacity. So where as an 1800 lb load of dirt may be over your 1625 lb payload max, it's no where near your towing max capacity. JMHO No expertise implied or expressed
  10. Below is my go-to unless it needs some serious attention, then I use a dilution of SuperClean. https://www.meguiars.com/automotive/products/meguiars-quik-interior-detailer-g13616-16-oz-spray If I need additional protection, I go with Aerospace 303. I don't put anything on the floor mats. Just wash them with a dilution of SuperClean and give them a good rinse. I don't risk making them slippery when wet (or dry for that matter).
  11. If the dealership balanced them twice without resolving the issue then they should still be looking for the source of the problem. Have you told the dealership they haven't fixed the problem? If so, what did they say? if not, that's your next step. I wouldn't let the dealership off the hook yet, there's plenty they can do other than just a basic spin balance, i.e., PicoScope with NVH kit, Road Force Balance, rotate tires, replace tires, etc., etc. JMHO No expertise implied or expressed
  12. I am suspect under the intended use you describe you would not likely have an issue. However it does prompt some thoughts: Why does GM use extended CV axles on the TB/AT4 which is only a 2" lift over the standard 1500 series truck? Why does the only factory authorized lift sold on the GM accessories web page include longer CV axles? In both cases the droop stops remain in place restricting the movement, yet, GM still thinks it's important to extend the CV axles. Why is it often recommended to remove, or at least loosen, the CV axles from the wheel spindle to reduce the stress when replacing the strut assembly? Aftermarket parts are often an improvement over factory parts and automotive engineers aren't all geniuses (I have 2 in my family). However, it does make one wonder why GM would go through the trouble of having 2 different length CV axles if lifting on the standard axle length didn't present some issues during testing and development. Just some thoughts. No expertise implied or expressed
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