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  1. If the point you're attempting to make is that the engine in this video is in such poor shape because it was maintained per OEM guidelines and fluids, I have questions. What leads you to believe the USPS uses the OEM maintenance program and OEM fluid and filters? Additionally, is the maintenance program used during civilian ownership of this vehicle known? How many years with the USPS, how many as a civilian jeep? I don't find using a 40 to 50 year old vehicle with an unknown maintenance history to be a compelling example of the failure of OEM fluids and filters to protect. JMHO No expertise implied or expressed
  2. Excellent! Congrats on the new truck, I bet it's a beauty. Most, but not all, of the Trailrunners in LT sizes are 3PMS rated and none of the non-LT are 3PMS rated. Whereas, the DuraTrac have 3PMS in both LT and non-LT sizes. I hope I meant to say earlier is they don't even make a 3PMS version of the Trailrunner in the OP's size of 275/60/20. (Although, I could have just been completely wrong in what I said earlier). They do, however, make a non-LT 3PMS version of the DuraTrac in the OP's size (which was a secondary discussion in the thread). GM probably spec'd the LT, therefore 3PMS, version Trailrunner on your truck because it's an HD. I imagine GM will continue with their non-3PMS, TPC spec'd, Trailrunner on the 1500 series trucks. I no longer live where it snows but if I did I would want a 3PMS rated All-Terrain tire. Nice to see you got the 3PMS rated tires. JMHO No expertise implied or expressed
  3. It also appears due it mounting location and design it doesn't effect approach angle much, if at all. It also has the built in lighting and tow hooks. Interesting. https://www.roughcountry.com/chevrolet-exo-winch-system-10765.html?find=2020-chevy-silverado-1500-4wd-740495
  4. According to the SiriusXM website, "Radio Features depend on subscription package". So I think one can infer the "All Access" package offered with Trial Subscription would have features the "Select" package would not. Note: This is "Features" not channels, so the upper tier packages bring more than just extra channels, they can impact radio functionality. The 360L platform is heavily dependent on WiFi for a lot of its features. Therefore, some features may not be available if you don't have Wifi connectivity. Has your in-vehicle Wifi status changed? It appears the 2 things that may have the greatest effect on this issue are WiFI connectivity and/or package selection. If you no longer have in-vehicle WiFi, I would start there by connecting your infotainment system to your residential WiFi (if you can) and see if the feature(s) comes back. (I can easily connect to the WiFi in my house from my garage and driveway). If not, it may be your package. Or, you could upgrade your package and see if comes back. If not, just downgrade back to "Select". Either solution, in-vehicle WiFi or a higher package, will cost you more money. Just trying to help No expertise implied or expressed
  5. Nope. Fake news, we're all just making it up because we want Ford to stay on top of the ratings.
  6. Let me see if I can help clear up the confusion. GM designed and built the SIlverado, Seirra and other vehicles so that the DFM could not be turned off by placing the vehicle in Sport or Tow mode. Therefore, you can't turn it off by putting in Sport or Tow mode. I hope this helped. JMHO No expertise i plied or expressed
  7. It happens. I bought a brand new Toyota Tacoma and only kept it for 7 months. What a POS.
  8. Mine was sealed at the dealership on Wednesday and it rained for hours on Friday (yesterday) and I am happy to report, no leak. I only hope it stays that way. No expertise implied or expressed
  9. That means he would have paid around $43K US and he would only be getting what, about $29k US for his trade? That's still a loss of a lot of Loonies & Toonies. The dealer gave me $28K US for my 2018 Colorado when I traded for my 2020 Silverado about 3 months ago. No expertise implied or expressed.
  10. This happened to me twice with my previous truck. BAK replaced the Revolver X4 the first time but after the second time I just moved on. I went to an Extang Solid Fold 2.0 and the first one leaked like crazy. Extang replaced it but I let the tonneau go with the truck. Both BAK and Extang are Truck Hero companies. No expertise implied or expressed
  11. So the dealer said, it's the DFM, we're going to fix it through the ECM, and according to the technician the transmission was working as it should. Yet, they replaced the transmission valve body. Am I understanding this correctly?
  12. I did the same thing. I had my Range unit updated for my new truck and haven't even plugged it in yet. So far, I haven't even noticed the DFM.
  13. There are just too many variables to give a solid answer. Considering $37k is only $5k below what I paid for my 2020 Z71/RST, if I was trading after only 18 months I'd be okay with it. After all, it probably lost $5k the minute I drove off the lot. So here's what I see: If you payed $55k, you payed way too much. You are trading it in too soon after purchase and will suffer from a high initial value loss. If you are not trading on another new vehicle, you have eliminated a cushion the dealer could use to up your trade value. Current high incentives on new Silverado sales, reduces the same model used sale prices. Your dealership does not have a need, or desire, for your truck. I suggest the same as others, keep your truck a while. Let the 2020 new truck inventory and high incentives expire and as a percentage of cost, the trade in value should be higher. Your loss per month will also diminish over time. JMHO No expertise implied or expressed
  14. I went to the Bilstein website and every configuration of the 2020 Silverado RST I tried showed 5100s available. Did you check here?: https://www.bilstein.com/us/en/ No expertise implied or expressed
  15. Thanks for sharing. Sadly, this is a known problem. Here's a 73 page thread on it:
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