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  1. I’m hoping to go get an estimate to do the muffler delete, as well as getting rid of the flapper valve too
  2. Anyone do the afe power muffler delete as well as removing the flapper valve? And does this have any effect on emission laws in California? I want that loud throaty exhaust sound again on my ‘19 LT Trail boss
  3. A cheaper option to get a different look would be to paint the chrome surround. I did this on my original black bow tie before buying the illuminated one.
  4. I believe in all of California it’s illegal to ha e any other color lights than white and amber at the front of the car.
  5. It’s a no no here in Cali as well. But it’s plug and play. It comes with a harness that ties into the headlight. I don’t do much driving at night.
  6. Still working on it. Got it installed, but it’s not lighting up. Thinking I got a defective harness or something. Need to have the dealer check it out. This is it installed right now. Once I get it to light up, I’ll update the pics
  7. I will admit, I have my concerns about that as well. But I’ll hold on to me original non illuminated just in case
  8. Nice write up. I’m looking to install the same on mine. However I used a transparent red spray paint on the part that lights up, in hopes that it tints the bow tie red to go with my trucks look https://share.icloud.com/photos/0CyNnkM0IAQYkzAn4g3HlSM0Q
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