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  1. manual tow mirror Driver side 18.5 inches from the glass to outside edge of plastic at a right angel to the glass 22.5 extended Hope this helps Kirk
  2. Hi All of the features should and will work if the tech knows what they are doing(2020). Took my dealer three trips. Finally moved the problem to the top tech and it was programed correctly in one afternoon. That tech new what to ask, what to get and how to do the program install Kirk
  3. Hi All Update back at the dealer today and they called GM and got the correct info for the down load all working as should.
  4. I have this setup now . A 4k max load for the trailer, 500lb tongue wt empty and 900 lbs tongue wt with the 4 wheeler on the trailer. Still in the tow wt range and gvwr but high on the tongue wt. I use a Andersen wt distribution hitch and am going with airbags to keep the truck level. I had a 3/4 ton truck (f250 6.7 diesel) and was over trucked for all conditions and decided to down size to the 1/2 ton with the 3.0. One trip out west each year will be at max load GVWR. All the other use with and without the trailer is far from max limit. Hope this helps Happy new Year Kirk
  5. Hi Xterrable I have it in fuse # 40 10 amp using a piggy back fuse holder. I have not had a chance to properly test this location as the stainless steel line from Air Lift was bad and i am waiting on a new one. But that location is hot when the engine is started and doesn't need the transmission to be in drive. Hope this helps Kirk
  6. Hi I have the 71/72 ending harness for the DLF& BMT 2020 double cab. that is in line with my build sheet as well. They have asked me to give them until after the first of the year. I am still of the opinion the tech is in over his head and dose not know how to preform the reprograming. We parted on Thursday with either the wrong info or question is going to(or the wrong folks at) GM or they built my 2020 with a 2019 BCM and either one should be fixed.
  7. Hi The mirrors came from GM thru the dealers as well as the wiring harness for each door. code was in the mirror box The dealer said they would not install so i did the install basic and straight forward. So i have the correct parts as per the info provided. No blind spot i need to look on task lamps but i do not think so Build sheet DLF code for the mirrors as built Kirk
  8. I knew i was taking it in for the reflash and did not pay to much attention. I did have running lights on both sides .The tech did reflash the bcm but did not have the code then said cargo lights would not work. I found out he needed the code and called the dealer with the info. They said code or not they could not get them to work on my truck. I do not know if the tech is getting the correct info to or from GM as he clearly did not know what he was doing. Should get the truck Friday. unless i take it to a different dealer i may fix the problem myself. Disappointing
  9. Hi All Sent a link to the post and asked my dealer to call and see what Good Chevrolet is doing that they are not. They are going from helpful to defensive. They did not call and are stuck that GM said it will not work. I also had a problem with my trailer connection and found the wiring harness not fully installed i.e. hanging lose they replaced the harness and did not test the plug ?? So when they get done with the other items I will bring it home hook it up and see what happens. Dumb way to do business. They claim to be Virginias largest dealer. This has been the worst buying experience by far poor disappointing start on Chevy Kirk
  10. Hi all Installing Airlift air bags and the auto level compressor.2020 RST Duramax 4 wd Looking for some input on what fuse to piggy back for an" on with ignition" power in the under the hood fuse block . Small trailer with a toy hauler in the front I get 900 lbs. tongue weight. I do not like the sag when fully loaded. Thanks Kirk
  11. I just got a 2020 RST told them tow mirrors or no deal they said ok but would not do the labor ?? No problem so i installed the mirrors and new harness took it to them and the re flash has all lights working except the side cargo lights same BS from dealer and GM . I would have not purchased that truck but here i am now. Dose anyone have the pinout numbers at the BCM for the mirrors to work thinking i need to make a jumper from the cargo lights to the mirror cargo light.
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