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  1. So you're saying the USB port might have enough juice to power the charger for normal use, but not enough juice to power it enough so that the strength of the charge can resonate through the console lid? I just figured if it's on and working, then it should work through the lid as well. Perhaps I was wrong.
  2. So I tried doing this mod over the weekend. I have an iPhone 12 Pro with a thin case on it. I used the same 5 coil charging pad that everyone seems to be using. I used pliers to snap off all those little ribs so I could get the charger as close to the lid as possible. I just used duct tape to hold it in place temporarily and then put that interior cover panel back over it so I could close the lid fully. When I put the charger against the console lid, with the top cover removed so the coils are exposed, my phone won't start charging. I tried moving the phone around the extra space of the recess that I could and it never picked up the charging. If I laid the phone directly on the charger it worked, so I know the charger isn't defective. I didn't tap into any wiring when trying this out because I wanted to confirm it would work before doing all of that, so all I did was plug the charger into the USB port inside the console. That couldn't be the cause of my phone not charging through the console lid, could it?
  3. Good point. The truck currently has ~1600 miles on it. Before she left to come back to NC it was probably around 700-800 miles. She only put the truck in auto/4-Hi when the conditions warranted it. If it was just wet she left it in 2WD as long as it wasn't below freezing temps outside.
  4. Sounds like I'm the exception, but we went back home to Cleveland (currently live in the Charlotte area) at Thanksgiving and while we were there we leased a 2021 Sierra Elevation Double Cab 4x4 with these tires on it. My girlfriend stayed until the day after Christmas to help take care of a family member so I left her the truck and rented a car to drive home. They had several large snow storms before she headed back home to Charlotte, including 15" of snow over the course of the two days before she came home. She said the truck did fantastic in the snow and because it was Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, the roads were hardly touched by the plows and salt trucks. When she drove home the day after Christmas, she drove through snowy conditions for the first couple hours of her drive and said the truck did great in that too. She mostly left the truck in 4x4 auto mode during her time in Ohio, but a couple times put it into 4-Hi. Never had any issues, even when driving on roads that had 6-8" of fresh snow with no tracks from other vehicles to drive in. Unfortunately I didn't get to experience it in the snow first-hand. I'm wondering if tire pressure could be a factor at all? Ours reads 37 psi on the DIC when warm.
  5. How do those tires compare to the stock tires in regards to road noise and ride comfort? They look really good.
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