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  1. Okay thanks, I am intrigued by this puzzle, as I'm also interested in doing the entire dash just like this guy named Matt who has is own channel on Youtube called MonsterTek, and he gives the complete part numbers for most of the pieces on the dash that have the chrome look with soft leather instead of plastic, except for the Center/Radio Bezel. Large leather dash pad for drivers side = GM 84420199 Soft touch leather upper glove box door = GM 84539639 Small leather dash pad for drivers side = GM 84266580 Instrument cluster visor leather = GM 84054788 After visiting some GM OEM online parts stores, I have found that apparently there are 3 different colors available for 2019-2020 Silverado and Sierra 1500s. 1. Bronze 2. Liquid Palladium 3. Synthesis
  2. Thanks Flatblack, you know I have a Synthesis Center Bezel but the edges don't have the chrome color edgesd like they apparently did on the 2019-2020 Silverados as you can see from my Center Bezel, it is the synthesis with no chrome edges, can you confirm that your is different than mine, thanks..!!!
  3. Hey Flatblack..! I have also done the steering wheel, I just received the wire to do the Instrument Cluster swap and have also ordered the new cluster from White Media, I also would like to upgrade some of my Dash pieces and including the Radio/Stereo Bezel, Do you happen to have the part number, and did you find it on eBay or an GM-OEM Online parts store.
  4. I was just shopping around today and came across these: You should shop around because you don't need to go paying $200 for a Harness. Subthump: http://subthump.com/Car-Audio-Products/Installation-Accessories/Vehicle-Integration-Adapters-By-Subthump/20142018-SilveradoSierra-With-BOSE-Plug-N-Play-THarness-And-ANC-Defeat-Harness-Kit-clone-1.html eBay: https://www.ebay.com/p/676277865
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