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  1. if it has 10k miles he will only get failed bank of 8. Yeah like you said not much to worry about
  2. Figures, our dealer has at4x in transit and I'm curious how well it rides
  3. Hows the AT4X ride compared to other trucks?
  4. I did the exact same thing, worked perfectly
  5. That's odd and not heard of anything like that in the new trucks. Sounds like broken wire or high resistance somewhere. Possibly corrosion in a terminal that moves around when you go over bumps and things etc. Lots of things it could be hard to say surprised they haven't been able to figure anything out
  6. Looks great!!! Ever think about bronze tow hooks? Besides that I think it is perfect!
  7. Good deal! Don't tell me it is down for lifters?!?
  8. Mine was actually doing this as well. This is what I did to fix it. Reset/delete all bluetooth and wifi connections that have to do with truck and dongle. Delete/uninstall or clear cache and data for android auto app and start fresh. The adapter can't have any other connections in history or something is what they say and worked perfectly for me on first try after I wiped everything. Let me know if this works or I can help anymore!
  9. Why would it be? Unions have ruined that many many years ago and just now starting to feel the effects of it
  10. I tried the MA1 and could not get to work in my truck. Fortunately enough I flipped and made some money. Proceeded to buy AA wireless dongle and works great! Maybe a hair more battery loss on the phone but works great with virtually no lag! Very impressive and only $100! Link below if you are interested in one! https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/aawireless/x/28619059#/
  11. You just have to take off hood release handle and that grate underneath it and can fish it through the core support to the headlight harness. Can be a pain and scratch your hands but has to be easier then removing a bunch of stuff!
  12. yeah i hear the grill is a pain to take off from the bumper cover as well!
  13. Interesting the wrong way but quick and effective way is to remove the red inserts with small screwdriver or pry tool. Then shove a large screwdriver in and gently twist behind the red inserts to pop off entire backplate if that makes sense. Never have to remove any shroud or grill etc etc and then boom pop new emblem in and done!
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