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  1. Let me ask you this, does GM recommend using a product like this? If they wanted you to use an additive they would make one and make money on it. No way I'll put in my truck
  2. Lots of warranty stuff in here and bet truck was built on a Monday or Friday and rushed would be my guess. Hope your dealer takes care of you!
  3. Bezels could be different. Fog light bezels are not the same depending on year of his elevation
  4. I still feel the unions are to blame to a degree. GM would probably idle the plants to a degree if they can't produce enough chips to include all these features but still have to be paying the union. Who knows on the flip side they also know they can sell anything they make right now and also decided to keep cranking them out! Crazy times is all I know!
  5. no have to remove grill and take out from back
  6. This 1000x mine has been done almost a year and is still like the day I put it on. $100 roughly plus a day of my time to buff and coat truck. I will do that before I spend $99 every year for somebody to slap a high filler content spray wax on my truck.
  7. I used/use Adams Graphene Ceramic Coating
  8. Do not buy Ziebart or Paint protection or anything like that. Ceramic is the only way to go!
  9. Oh I want to see the back one lite up now!!!
  10. Looks like chassis harnesses are different so would have to manually wire it all
  11. I don't believe that. They both use the same part # for bed covers
  12. Very interested to see the redesign especially the interior. Already have a 2020 with a 10 spd but really curious to see if they give a full panoramic sunroof/glass roof like ford and dodge. That is the biggest selling point then anything
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