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  1. Well there's your problem, lady! Ya need a longer one, and mix it up with a right angle tip! Just a few squirts from a small gun, little one moves in and out so much better, feels good compared to the old big one with the short length hose.....
  2. Thanks Corey, Google and several parts suppliers didn't know! When the time comes I believe I could do this maintenance. Shouldn't be a problem monitoring temperature to get fill correct.
  3. Is there an internal filter on the 10L1000 10 speed auto tranny? If so, anyone know the part number?
  4. New 2020 Silverado 2500 diesel, newly retired, bought truck to tow a travel trailer. I've been a GM customer and amateur mechanic for over 50 years. I had not driven a 3/4 ton truck for decades, when I test drove a new 2500 I simply was stunned by the ride quality, to say the mechanical engineers have made improvements would be a world class understatement. The power, ride quality and tow features (mirrors and cameras) sold me within weeks of shopping. The size is a little off-putting but after only 8 weeks I have compensated for parking and maneuvering a very large pickup. The truck draws some jokes about its size but I absolutely love the towing performance, it is a worthwhile trade-off for me.
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