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  1. There are multiple threads on Tonneau covers for the Twins, and they probably apply to almost any pickup. Note, this is one of those times where the (gasp) Ridgeline probably falls short. Need to understand what you are looking for in a cover, as each type has it's strengths & weaknesses. As an example, I wanted one that was easy to install, relatively cheap, and could easily be stowed away to haul a tall load. I went with a soft rollup that rolls into a small diameter, doesn't block the rear window view when rolled up, doesn't need to be removed, but can easily be removed if needed. (I haven't removed it since I installed.) I wanted it to be lockable (released is under the cover, 'secured' by locking the tailgate.). I wanted the roll to have two straps to secure when rolled up. I wanted the cover to secure on each side of the bed when rolled out, but in general, wanted to be able to open the top from just one side. Real pain to have to walk around the trailer or truck to access the other side when you wanted to open the cover and you had a trailer attached. My summary of covers, others will probably suggest more. 1. Hard, one piece cover: Most secure, least flexible, most expensive perhaps? 2. Soft roll up - cheapest, maybe most flexible. 3. Hard roll up. 4. Soft fold, sometimes called a trifold 5. Hard fold - may be one of the few that can support any weight. 6. The one in the post above, I would almost call that a shutter fold maybe? 7. Not a tonneau, but a bed cap may fill the bill for some. 8. Soft topper, a soft version of the old bed cap. Lot of variations on the above, but the important point is how will you use your cover. There are many factors to consider, and I would suggest you search the threads that have TONNEAU in the title to get a feel for the types, limitations, and advantages of each. However, if you don't find proper information for your query from here and others thread, I have found this GMC Sierra Tonneau cover review more informative and useful. They have reviewed new top 10 product available in the market.
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