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  1. Budget friendly is a little vague, so I'll go with under $500 mods. Swapped Bose speakers to JL Audio C1 6x9 components in front and C1 6.5" in rear, installed dynomat in doors and window caulk? around speaker mounts. Under $400 for speakers, mounts, wire harnesses at Crutchfield. Substantial improvement over Bose speakers. Best mod done to date. LineX bedliner. $500 Short stubby antenna (bought on Amazon) < $20 S&B CAI [email protected] Truck (On backorder) Luverne Slim Grip Running Boards [email protected] Truck
  2. Installed myself. I’ve always just put the dynomat on the interior (actually backside of external part of door) metal, never on the interior door panel (plastic). I did as much dynomat as I could reach.
  3. I ordered from Crutchfield who provided the adapters for mounting and wire harnesses. I also used window caulk around the mounts to prevent vibration. Definitely did not lose power. Can turn the volume up significantly higher and still have clean sound. Substantial improvement over the Bose speakers
  4. I added the JL Audio C1 component 6x9 in the front door and the tweeter in dash. Added JL Audio C1 6.5" in the rear door. Added dynamat to doors. Night and day difference from the muddy Bose speakers.
  5. Almost pulled the trigger on these but decided to go with a fixed running board. Did a ton of research and from what I learned the RBP Stealth Power steps were the way to go. Priced better than the Amp Xtreme as well.
  6. Here are my thoughts on the tonneau covers I've owned over the years... Lund Fiberglass on an 01 Silverado. Positives - Other than the basic idea of protecting contents from the elements, I can't think of any. Negatives - Heavy, unable to stand or store items on, huge PIA to take off. DON"T EVEN CONSIDER is all I can say about these old school fiberglass covers. Line-X (Diamondback SE) on a 09 Silverado. Positives - Tough, can stand and jump on top of it (I'm 6'3" 225), the front and back fold was convenient at times, good seal. Negatives - Not flush with bed, not the prettiest, makes truck look like an industrial vehicle (not what I was going for), not terribly difficult to remove, but takes more time and effort than all but the fiberglass cover. Extang Solid Fold 2.0 - Positives - Not as easy as Armor Flex to open (but still easy IMHO), didn't seem to scratch, lightweight, easy to remove, good seal. Negatives - Not flush with truck bed, moisture can freeze between cover and tailgate making tailgate to tough to open. Undercover Armor Flex - Positives - Easy, shouldn't scratch (I've only had this for a month), lightweight, easy to remove, good seal, flush with truck bed. Negatives - Seal is a little crinkly (doesn't lay perfectly straight, flat). In my experience here in Michigan, freezing moisture can/will prevent some function of all tonneau covers listed above.
  7. Was considering that one myself, definitely interested in hearing anyone's experience
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