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  1. Have the Trailboss lift on mine, did not use the trailboss axles as the lifted shocks were ‘donated’ to me. But I knew what I was getting into as I saw people were running 3in up front on non-trailboss models and turning out ok. I installed the RL level with only the 1in spacer so I have 3in of lift up front with 2in back. Worked well for about 3-4K miles but unfortunately I now have a clunk when turning and going over certain bumps, most certainly from the CVs. The new UCAs did absolutely help the ball joint angles, I don’t have pictures for comparison but I will say that I wasn’t satisfied with the angle of the stock UCAs with that much lift. Now i just need to locate some Trailboss axles and wheel spacers as the RL UCAs are so beefy they nearly touch a stock 275/60/20 tire.
  2. I’m having the same exact issues as most of you were having or had. I’ve got a ‘21 5.3 8spd CC Silverado. I can’t recall if mine has the shim but it would be worth trying. Had the truck at the dealer and they couldn’t find much, said they didn’t feel what I was feeling but I’m not sure why as I feel it nearly all the time, only time I don’t completely feel the rumble is if coming to a stop at slow moving speeds. The shop foreman noted I had a muffler delete and said that could be causing a back pressure issue and it could be what’s affecting the engine and transmission. Plausible, but I did notice it when it had the muffler on. im hoping it be the shim issue, as one other said, it does feel like a humming vibration is present when driving against a fair wind.
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