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  1. I installed the 6112/5160 combo over a year ago, no complaints. Truck feels stiffer and more planted on Detroit's terrible roads.
  2. I had the same issue with both of my CV boots slinging grease after installing the 6112 kit, dealer replaced both shafts under warranty no questions. Pretty sure 4wd auto is what caused all my issues.
  3. Had the same peeling happen to my steering wheel accent. Dealer replaced part under warranty but now it's loose, almost like the tab hole on the steering wheel is damaged.
  4. 2020 6.2 TB LT Fort Wayne 10500 miles Both CV shafts replaced under warranty due to grease leaking out of boots at diff, leaf spring TSB, multiple software updates because of CEL's.
  5. I love these wheels, what tire size are you running?
  6. 2020 6.2 Trailboss LT here, I also have a "clunk" in my rear end. 9500 miles on the truck, not sure if it's leafs or the axle. I'll be calling the dealer this week,.
  7. I'm running the same setup, no complaints on ride quality. Just had to get my CV shafts replaced under warranty because they both started slinging grease from the boots at the diff. Nice truck.
  8. This reason alone makes me wish i didn't go the 6112 route. Are you still running the icon coilovers with uca's, are you happy with them?
  9. With the 6112's and aftermarket UCA's, how are you loosening the UCA bolts to grease the bushings? You can't fit a wrench in there, thoughts?
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