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  1. I ended up buying a regular LT steering wheel works fine just need it for the cluster. Illl probably end up getting a Alpine or a Tesla screen not sure yet. Do you happen to have anything for the audio controls to work on a upgraded head unit? Also wondering if there’s a harness to add power seats? I order the steering wheel cable from you and it was super simple especially with the instructions only thing that was a pain was removing the airbag.
  2. Hey guys I have a 2018 Silverado Custom and looking to upgrade the interior a bit . I got a Denali cluster and the silver trims for the dash and door panels along with the dual climate control. I would like to upgrade the 7” screen to and 8” if possible I messaged WAMS but they said they couldn’t help. Also looking to upgrade the steering wheel. Would I need a new clock spring if I were to upgrade to a steering wheel with FCA ? I know for the heated steering wheel I would need the clock spring but not sure on the Steering wheel with FCA. Thanks in advanced I got the custom because I was looking for a truck with a 6.5 bed and was the only one I could find here in California so got stuck with the base model interior.
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