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  1. Awesome work and write-up Tom! If seeing the wire loom bothers you too much, you can buy rail plugs. I feel like they should have came with these from the factory. There are a lot on Amazon, but these are the ones I've bought and I love them. They are very high quality 3D printed. The texture matches the factory rail texture very well. ES ENGINEERED BY SCHILDMEIER Stake Pocket Cover Set for 2019-2022 Silverado/Sierra (Set of 2) NOT 3D Printed https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07KVKN9PZ/ref=cm_sw_r_apan_i_9VE17GNRF40YPAYTGEG9?_encoding=UTF8&psc=1
  2. I forgot to quote you, so I'm not sure if you you were notified of my above post.
  3. Forgot to quote you. So not sure if you were notified of my above post.
  4. Hey Jarrett, thanks for this info. I scoured the forum and the entire internet for that matter for this info. Its silly what's important to people sometimes, but it really frustrated me that the passenger front window wasn't an 'auto-up' button on my 2021 Trailboss. So I bought (prior to researching) new switches for the driver and passenger side (84512862 & 84559726) the same ones you listed above. Only to find out that my harness isn't pinned for the driver side to work properly, and the passenger side has a completely different connector (very frustrating) Eventually I think I would like to get a pair of power folding mirrors (small, not tow mirrors) but for now would just be happy getting the window switches to work. My question to you is, will I need both the door and switch harnesses? Or do you think I can get away with just replacing the switch harness? I guess I don't understand what the door harness is for....the power folding mirrors? Thanks in advance
  5. 21 LT Trailboss owner here. 5600 miles, Check engine light came on P0300 - no felt misfire. Took to dealership, light was off, tech ran history showed the pass-fail and 1800 total misfires (not many). They changed my oil, rotated my tires and updated my infotainment. Pisked it up, and in the way to work CEL started flashing and turned off after only 5 seconds. Again, no felt misfire. Took it right back into dealership after work. History showed bank 6 had 12,000 misfires. Opened up and bank 6 lifter was collapsed. Replaced all 16 lifters with the new(improved?) lifters. My dealer and tech were great.
  6. What kind of deal did you get on them? Still showing $150 in My Chevrolet App.
  7. I've thought about that as well. And may try to do so another day. I just wish I had tested it prior to install to see if the issue with slow charging, was a charger issue, or if maybe it's not getting enough power from the truck. I'm glad I did the screw method of installation, rather than epoxy. Just in case I figure out a fast charge solution down the line
  8. I completed this mod this evening. I have the Samsung Note 20 ultra and it charges without a case, but not with a case on. I'm sure it's just too thick. I should have tested the charger prior to installing, but it doesn't connect as a "fast charge" as it states on the box. Kind of bummed about both the inability to charge with my case, and it slow charging. No harm done in doing it, but honestly not sure if it was worth the time and money. I don't forsee me actually using it now because of the drawbacks.
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