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  1. Really appreciate the advice! How can I tell which ones are the welded-in nuts? I'm guessing it's this one I circled in blue, with the corner bracket.
  2. In my inexperience, I managed to roll over a curb and land straight on the running boards of a 2009 Silverado 3500HD. Besides feeling like a total idiot, the right running board is now right up against the rocker panels. The running board brackets are bent way out of shape, and the attachment points to the rocker panel got bent a bit as well. I can get more pictures if that would help. Any ideas on how to fix this? Right now I’m thinking about using a ballpeen hammer to straighten up the attachment points, then putting the brackets into a vise to hammer them back into shap
  3. I'm looking into buying a 3/4 ton truck to haul a truck camper to live full-time in ski areas. This one seems a little overpriced but in good shape. I don't know very much about GMC's or what to look out for in this model. It's a two owner vehicle. The first used it to camp out of the shell on the back, but the seller wasn't very clear if it was used for anything else. The seller used it as a emergency vehicle to work his tow job, where he said he tows no more than one car at a time. He had it for about 5k miles before the transmission failed. The transmission was rebuilt, and it's
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