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  1. My 2 cents on this. Cold start ~35-40 Idle at 210F on a cold day ~20 Idle at 210F on a hot day ~18-20 Cruising down a 55mph HW ~40 Punching it from 0mph, range from 40 to 65 or almost 70 Always used Dexos approved 0W-20 and I live in SW Virginia
  2. My truck's OEM tires are just about at the wear bars meaning I need new ones soon. It's a 4WD, so I'd like to have some ability to drive in light snow and other places I'd need it (nothing crazy), but I'm mainly making my truck to perform better on dry and wet pavement. Anyone got a good recommendation for something like this? I have a 2018 Custom with aluminum rims and 275/55R20 Continental (economy friendly tires) on there now that have been horrible since about 5k miles. I have a CAI and a cat-back exhaust. Plan to upgrade my suspension in the near future with some tighter struts/shocks on the front and back for some better cornering and I'm planning to buy a tuner this year too. Not a 10 second truck, but I'd like something that would fit for this. I also read online some people put 305/50R20s on these, but I don't have a leveling kit or anything. I feel like that would rub like hell even though 305s sound awesome for traction.
  3. I have a 2018 that had the radiator leak as described in the TSB for the 2014s and 2015s dated January 2019. Took it to the dealer and they said they wouldn't cover it since it's not for the 2018 and my powertrain warranty only covers the water pump. Sales manager fiddled his words around to make it sound like he's "never heard this happen on a 2018 before." The mechanic also recommended I change my thermostat. Made a complaint to the NHTSA about this. Hopefully more people do so and GM might issue some of us our money back. The fact they don't consider a Radiator part of the Powertrain is ridiculous especially when you have to label this as "powertrain" under the NHTSA's complaint page. Attached a picture of where the leak was on my old radiator. Thought it was funny too when I asked for the old one, they had a stack of old radiators and a few of them looked almost the same as my old one, but he's "never heard of this happening on a 2018 before." Sure bud
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