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  1. Anyone with this issue on higher mileage diesels (greater than 5k)? Mine had three instances all under 1100miles. Currently at 5500 miles and no instances since 1100
  2. I''ve got 4,100 on my baby diesel and just did a 2k mile trip in it. I averaged 23.5 mpg with all 75-85 mph highway speeds. Pretty damn good for the little diesel. Way better than my 5.0 F150 that would average 14-15.
  3. I've had it happen once as well - figured it was from 1500 miles of bugs on my camera. Pulled over at the next rest stop, and it was fairly clean. I was driving into the sun though. It started working after a few minutes. I did find that you can turn adaptive off by holding down the cancel cruise button for 5-10 seconds.
  4. Holy ******.... removing the cab?? What's the estimate rework time on this job? Do they have any way to verify the "cranks but won't start"? Mines done it 3 times since new (<1500 miles)
  5. I've noticed the strong burning smell - it's hard to tell if I am going to turn my truck into an electrical Car-b-que or if it's doing some sort of regeneration. Is there a way to display when it's in the middle of a regen?
  6. Same here, 2021 HalfMax AT4... happened twice now... once at 200 miles and again at 650 miles. Cranks for 15-20 seconds. Super annoying.
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