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  1. Just an update... received my complete refund on Monday, down payment, payments, payed off my loan. When I went to the dealer to sign all the papers, they now had the cab removed to reassess the fix that did not help. The first time they removed the front end, motor etc to add the shim and the new reluctor wheel; but then the truck would not start at all--it would just turn over. The GM engineer had them remove the cab to figure out what happened--so basically the whole truck has been tore apart--sure glad I am out of that rascal.
  2. Today’s the day I’ve been waiting for, got my official re-purchase offer letter from GM. Paying back every penny, like I never owned it… It’s really too bad Truck was awesome, carbon pro edition, had everything except the one small thing it wouldn’t start. Ha ha
  3. Go back and look at the pictures I posted with my front end completely tore off camshafts open, everything on the ground and then tell me if you still want that truck. Again, didn’t mean to upset you.
  4. Wow, just offering an opinion…had it happen several times… sorry if you took it wrong.
  5. It makes no difference if you use the remote or the push button. There is no pattern at all. I man getting reimbursed for my full amount within two days. The truck is still in the shop, they put the motor back together with the new shim and reluctor wheel, and now it just turns over and won’t start. They’re having a GM engineer come look at it again. Thank goodness that’s not my truck anymore.
  6. Did it both ways. While in the cab and walking towards the truck with the key fob, it didn’t matter still had episodes. It didn’t matter still had episodes both ways, no start with fob and in the cab with the push button.
  7. See previous post and pictures, they removed my front end and took the motor out… but thank goodness, GM is going to re-purchase/reimburse me for my truck.
  8. Just got the official call from GM today after lots of pursuing, emails and phone calls that they are going to do a re-purchase.
  9. Talked to the service department yesterday, the new reluctor wheel that came in is bent. They have to order another one…
  10. Frankhpns: Just sent you a message, please take a look... thanks,
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