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  1. Hello. Previously I had installed an inverter in my '08 Yukon. Great for computers, etc. My goal this year is to install an inverter in my '20, placing it in the back seat of the crewcab. Lots of options out there for inverters depending on use. Cheers
  2. I understand the concerns of rising fuel prices (paid $4.65 last night in Camarillo, CA). However, we purchased trucks, not 4-cylinder scooters to drive around. Trucks get worse mileage, period. My mileage dropped w/ the Range control, Pedal Commander, leveled, valence removed, Cold Air Intake, auto-stop bypassed, and 275/65r20 Falken Wildpeaks. All of this on a 5.3 v8. I had the same engine on my old '08 Yukon in which I sold to my mechanic after 178K. His wife now drives it. I would ask all who have the issues what type of driving are you doing/what are you hauling? However, I can still make Vegas on one (1) tank of gas. Enjoy your truck. Cheers.
  3. All. I swapped out my '20 stock LT crewcab shocks/coils w/ Eibach front/rear shocks, coils, and leveled the truck at the same time. Valance was also removed. 275/65r20 Falken Wildpeak installed. Rides fine. No issues.
  4. I installed the Eibach shocks(all four) w/ front coils. Works well for me. Also added 275/65 r20 Falken Wildpeak tires
  5. Did the same thing. Leveled the front. Eibach front/ rear shocks, front coil. Falken Wildpeak. Removed valence. The truck rides well. Regards…
  6. I own a ‘20 LT crew cab, short bed. Installed Eibach shocks, front/rear. I also added Eibach coils. Added Falken 275/65/R20 Wildpeak tires. Good ride.
  7. I own a ‘20 LT, crew cab, short bed. I installed front/rear Eibach shocks. Installed Eibach front coils. See instructions for proper spacing height. Added Falken 275/65/R20 tires. It works for me. Cheers.
  8. If you are under warranty I would take it in for a swap. If you prefer, Eibach, Bilstein, and other brands. If you are hauling big loads, focus in that area. Also, not sure what they are called, but air shocks, and/ or air bags for your rear end. Cheers
  9. I installed front/rear Eibach shocks with the leveling coils. Be sure to do a front-end alignment. Purchased Falkan 276/65R20's on chevy 20' rims. Works fine. Glad I did it. Cheers.
  10. I purchased the Falken AT3/W's (LT275/65/R20) on stock 20" rims. The cost for BFGoodrich & Falkan were the same so went with the Falkans. Good tire, does NOT increase noise. Much better look than the Generals street tires it came with. Cheers...
  11. I live in SoCal so do not have this issue. I would work with the dealer you purchased the truck from. If nothing works, I would get Akebono (so?), brakes. Replace/ fix the rotors as needed. Or, purchase the heavy duty brake set ( several available), though they are pricey. Cheers…
  12. The 2019 / 2020 Silverado had issues with the transmission fluid being used. In colder climates the fluid would allow "water" to get into the gears. Many transmissions were replaced and dealerships were directed to replace the transmission fluid. One can look online for the correct transmission fluid. Yes, GMC screwed up with the wrong type of fluid. Not knowing where you live, and if you do not trust your dealership, I would flush/replace the fluid. 45K is the recommended fluid change. I have used BG products but after every 30K I flush/replace the fluid. Enjoy your day.
  13. I have seen/ read plenty of guys going to an auto upholstery shop and upgrading their truck seats. All it costs is $$. Cheers
  14. I chose Eibach rear shocks, front shock/ coils. They work for me. ‘20 LT. RWD family truck. Leveled.
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