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  1. If the vehicle is in and out of the authorized repair shop for repair of one or more different problems for 15 or more cumulative days, the consumer must give written notification of this fact to the manufacturer (not the dealer), by certified, registered or express mail. Check the warranty book or owner’s manual or other written manufacturer supplement for the address given by the manufacturer. A Motor Vehicle Defect Notification form may used for this purpose. Click here for the Instructions and Motor Vehicle Defect Notification form. After the manufacturer’s receipt of the notification, the manufacturer or its authorized service agent must have at least one opportunity to inspect or repair the vehicle.The consumer may be eligible for a purchase price refund or a replacement vehicle if the vehicle is out of service for repair of one or more nonconformities for a cumulative total of 30 or more days.
  2. you are lucky....I was about an hour from my house and had to wait for 5 hours and pay out of pocket because by the time they pick me up the closest dealer was closed and they "cover" up to 25 miles, I was about 47 miles from the dealer closest to my house....and now doing research and founding out how serious the problem is and 5 or 6 truck like they told me...is crazy...
  3. I had the same problem this pass weekend and Im thinking the same thing about the problem...it is crazy, mine have 7350miles and I love it untill now....This is a serious problem...
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