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  1. First link is actual warm start and 2nd is cold start.
  2. Ill start with. This is a brand new engine. 6k miles since install. Hard to believe it's a failed lifter or rod. Seems strange to me that this would be normal but in asking for clarity. I noticed this on my old engine too but my mind reverts this sound back to my horrible experience with failed lifter. Blown cam. Bottom end bearing shot. = engine replacement. Can anyone reassure me im either not crazy or your 6.2 sounds similar? Or viable explanation? Passenger side sounds louder. Has a more distinctive lifter tick or tapping sound. First video is on cold start. 2nd video is warm start after a few miles. Only noticed sound this summer as i would hear reverberating sound when driving with windows down. Only came from that side. First though exhaust mani leak. Bolts are tighter then tight. AND no soot marks to indicate a leak. https://www.dropbox.com/s/8jkx44k3ei0w2u6/20221021_181039.mp4?dl=0 https://www.dropbox.com/s/y45pac11ui62y5k/20221021_175523.mp4?dl=0
  3. Had lifter fail. Replaced top end. Ran truck with no exhaust for about 500 miles with new headers and y pipe. Threw old exhaust pipe back on for road trip. Noticed a ticking noise right away on start up. Spunded like lifter tap but pulled cover and lifters were all fine. Since they were just replaced. Tappong noise goes along with engine rpm. Get oil/gas smell when fan blows heat unsure if related. Passenger side is much noisier than driver side. Sounds like it putters on cold start. Cannot locate issue. Hoping only exhaust leak. Thoughts? 20211119_083056~4.mp4 IMG_2592.3gp
  4. Had rear passenger upper shock bolt weld come loose. Welded back up. No more rattle.
  5. Issue is the mega fuses. Likely the 175A on the battery head thats feeding the cable which runs from battery to the other side. Replace that should have it all back to normal
  6. Anyone have a fix ? Just swapped my cam. Put whole truck back together and exact same symptoms above. No horn no dash lights. Wont turn over. Even remote start fails. Only 1 headlight turns on. Opposite side blinker works other doesnt. Driver side mirror light doesnt turn on. Passenger side does. Interior dome lights turn on once key is removed. Dome lights dont activate when door is opened. No clue where to start
  7. Shop on thursday said they feel its the transfer case. Taking it to a transmission shop this friday for second opinion. Said same thing i told them. Noise cant be duplicated on the lift. felt that since its only noise underload then signs point to the tc and not the tranny. They also told me to drive it till rattle becomes more consistent instead of just throwing money at parts to get a sure diagnosis.
  8. Unfortunately already did that. Ran it through its gears few times. Nothing sounded off. Dropping off at another garage in hopes they can find this
  9. That i have not yet attempted. If it was locked up wouldnt the rattle be more persistent? Or it's just a certain torque that the rattle kicks in and out.
  10. Cant locate where its coming from. Assuming drivetrain since its only on acceleration. usually light accel. mostly on an incline. Rattle stops once foot is off gas. 1 shop spent 2 hours on it. Said it could be bad drive shaft? Not sure why that could be. Said unjoints all looked/felt solid. Heat shields all snug. Will not rattle when on lift. Seems to only happen when all tires on ground. Happens both 2wd/4wd. And tow mode. Shifts in an out fine. Rear diff fluid changed. 20210920_151514~2.mp4 20210920_151514~2.mp4 20210920_150617~3.mp4 20210920_151514~2.mp4 20210920_150617~3.mp4 20210920_151514~2.mp4 20210920_151514~2.mp4 Longer it goes on more i dont trust driving but need truck for work. Any help
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