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  1. Just did it. PN 84699123 $513.71. saw a few on eBay for $350-$400 new. the install doesn’t look that difficult so I might just do if the dealership doesn’t play ball. They should.
  2. I saw those too but mine has the bed and rear facing camera. I did find for the 2500 and 3500 but not for the 1500.
  3. Hey everybody, Picked up a newish 2020 High Country (15K miles) and noticed my high mounted light (third brake light) has a crack and condensation on the inside. I was thinking of using a heat gun to dry it and putting epoxy on it until I can get swapped out until I noticed the brake light doesn't work. The guy that had it before me must have smacked something on it, got the insides wet and now it doesn't work. I was trying to find the PN to see what it would cost me if the dealership that sold it to me doesn't fix it. I found the 2500 and 3500 PN but not the 1500. Would anyone have this PN? Not happy but this is the only thing wrong with this truck. This is my third Silverado and so far one of the best riding. The kids and I think there is more leg room in it than my 2015 Tahoe. Thanks- Dave
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