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  1. This is where my radio system is mounted. Motorola XTL2500 UHF p25 system. The main radio “brick is mounted under the rear passengers seat.
  2. Does anyone know if its possible to have the dealer code in protected idle? I know PPV tahoe’s come with it, but haven't seen a Silverado with it and would like to get it added to mine.
  3. I do not have a scanner, but the light did come back. It was 109 yesterday and I was driving the truck pretty hard so it could have attributed to it. Ill see if i can barrow a scanner from a GM buddy and log some data.
  4. I was down to 11mpg all city with light on, since its gone off ive jumped up to 15mpg average
  5. Yeah has to be over 50% ETOH in the tank especially at 15 gallons. Tired getting a family member with the same truck (2.7l) to run e85 with me and gather more data, but he called the dealership and “spoke with a mechanic” who said not to. So i guess ill be the only data point for now. I will say paying $3.99 for gas again is nice lol
  6. Update on the E85, engine light is back off, I suspect maybe the ECU finally adjusted enough in the 100 or so miles I've driven to not “run lean”. I will say there is a noticeable difference in bottom end torque, the truck on 87 feels torquey, but theres a difference on E85 that you can feel, I barely pass 2500rpm’s and the truck gets right up to speed.
  7. Okay, 15 gallons of e85 and 4 gallons of 87. Truck runs smooth, but the CEL did come on as expected.
  8. Im really tempted to not even mix and do a full tank of e85 and see how it goes. The engine light on the dash might be annoying after awhile. Even worse I wonder if the ECU will compensate too much and put the truck into limp mode.
  9. Maybe we should start an E85 thread for the 2.7L and share data. The truck are designed for it but if we build data on it maybe we can get to safe usage levels. Here in california E85 is half the cost of 87 so being able to run a heavy mix of e85 would be nice, im sure others will benefit from the knowledge as well.
  10. Yeah i know for BMW’s they make tunes that bump up the injectors output to compensate for the fuels. Our trucks are still so new I doubt thats available yet. I may try a heavy mix like 15 gallons of e85 and 4-5 gallons of 87 and see how it goes; worst case scenario It throws a lean code and MPG is bad till i can get some more regular gas in the tank.
  11. My biggest concern was eating away a fuel line or something, but most newer cars all the plastics and rubbers are designed for it since most gas has ethanol in it already.
  12. Has anyone tried running E85 yet or maybe even a mix of E85 and 87? I used to have a 2018 BMW with a 4 cylinder turbo, stock I would run about 7 gallons of e85 and fill the rest with 91, ran great, especially in boost.
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