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  1. If it's not that it's probably the one way check valve that pressurizes the lines after leaving the fuel tank. It's hard to change but there's a fix you can do if you splice in a good one way check valve that will keep the lines pressurized. Use some decent fuel lines vinyl type will work with some good fuel injector clamps.
  2. Did your trans end up being good after the install almost looks like a piece of your case blew off near the window gap on the bottom?
  3. So that's not a good spot for it then? It is alittle dusty there I guess. I'll have to get more hose.
  4. Is this okay the TSB says to relocate remote filter to top of transmission? I relocated to above fuel pump on top of gas tank will that be okay I don't think any water should be getting up there right? It was a tight spot but doable and it helps to cut the old hose off then just slide out old solenoid between outside of cab and bed and hose from under the truck for those wondering how to get this thing out. So think I'm good with this spot for my filter everyone or should I run it to the top of my transmission? Ty
  5. I have a 2001 silverado 5.3l I have black front diff seal and vent cap. I have heard that black seal isn't compatible with synthetic oil would it be ok to use a synthetic blend 80w90 I found vavoline durablend a synthetic blend 80w90 sounds like it would be perfect to use since it's just a blend what do you all think? Thanks for the help in advance.
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