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  1. Rod bearings ? I was always taught oil pressure problems were either main bearings or the pump and since we know it’s not the pump...
  2. Had the same problem with an 03 Tahoe and an 05 Sierra. The Tahoe was worse , replaced the O2 sensors and plug wires. It's been years, but I believe the sensors were the fix. Also try, just for grins premium fuel
  3. had a simliar problem on my 05 after a trans replacement, wire on tail of the tran was not connected....shoddy ( my repair shop and yours)to not even test drive it and catch it, but as easy fix
  4. Correct , need to know what you are driving ... On out 03 Tahoe, replaced the cluster, done
  5. 400 foot drop roughly over a roughly 40 mile drive, not enough to be of much help. Over 40 years of driving and I've developed a good feel for good mileage technique. A previously owned 05 Sierra EC with a black bear got as high as 27 on straight highway, albeit with a 4.8 and usually averaged 24 with rural driving. As it aged, it slipped to about 21 before trading it off with about 250k on it. Brakes are cheap and anticipating stops helps with that as well as mileage. I'm the guy that probably drove myself nuts when I was 16, but I'm paying for the fuel and everything else these days. Back then, I drove a 455 Olds , a 440 Dodge, so mileage...LOL
  6. who said i shifted into neutral ? That would be insane IMO as far as damaging the trans...fwiw, I got 34.5 over a 25 mile loop today with it disengaged between LaGrange and Columbus Ga today on US27...I had to work it, but that's the best I've done in 62865 miles on my 2015... i was showing the same 99mpg with or without the grade braking on the same hills, so I'm not buying it. I took a picture of the DIC if anyone wants to coach me through posting it
  7. I disnegaged the grade braking and voila...gone. So everyone was correct and I can pick up speed downhill , therefore more coast up the next hill, hence save 3.8 drops of fuel ;) thanks !
  8. I'll kill it tomorrow using the hack and we shall see
  9. so, is this related to my 2015 on some down hills having the tach jump to over 2000rpm ? Not every hills, just some and at 44-65 mph and only when the cruise it set. If I kill the cruise, it doen't happen
  10. 2015 Silverado with 5.3 best 25 mile loop 32.1 best 50 mile loop 30.4 best 400 mile loop 25.5 average over the 62k i've owned it , 22-23 25 mile each way commute, after that, it's in and out of town not a diesel and not the big gasser, but it's mine and I'm happy with it so far...
  11. I run Firestone Destination LE II, have run them for several sets, good mileage, ride smooth, everything I wanted in a standard street tire
  12. live stream while driving , watching timing and fuel trim etc will give the answer
  13. I would go with the Sanden, never had a problem in all the years of installations. My source has them at 216, so the factory price isn't too bad. Evap is cheap and isn't really that bad ;)
  14. I go with the OLM around here. The wife's 03 Tahoe has over 210k, I traded my 05 Sierra with 245k, it had developed some strange oil pressure problems. My "new to me" 15 Sierra gets driven about 3000 a month and is currently at 42k. OLM says to change at around 8k, so it gets the synthetic and a good oil filter
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