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  1. At the least have made the 4.10’s an option. That’s what I had in my 2005 and it worked good even with a 4 speed.
  2. You’re probably right on that, the 3.73 would likely be adequate but I”m sure GM will do something stupid and do like 3.23 with the 10 speed. We have a Yukon with 3.09’s and a 6 speed and it will downshift on any incline.
  3. I was looking at getting a bumper pull deckover maybe 20’ or so with the 7K axles if I went half ton. . Looking at the specs on those they only weigh like 3600 lbs empty. Figured I would load 7-8K in cargo and stay within the tow limits of 13K, but maybe that is not realistic. I totally see what you are saying an HD would be better suited for towing, but I’m keeping my 2500 this will really be a backup with the potential for some heavier towing locally. Not running around the country on a 500 mile trip. I think the mileage with the 6.6 unloaded is gonna be pretty poor but I know the tow experience will be way better.
  4. Been lurking on the Gas HD site for a while now. Had ordered a new 2022 GMC 2500HD with the 6.6 gas last year, then supplier lost allocation. Had to wait for a 2023. I was "hoping" the 2023 HD's would get the new interior. Doesn't appear like that will happen. I've been looking at the 2022 interiors and I'm impressed. I was messing around on GMC's website building a few half tons just for fun. I saw the LM2 can be had with the Max Tow package that offers a 3.73 rear, better leaf springs, a 9.76" axle (I guess is bigger?) and enhanced cooling. That seems like a lot for $850. Then I saw the tow ratings are near 13K! I was like maybe I should look into a half ton diesel with the kind of mileage I've been hearing. I am keeping my 2015 LML, I'm just needing to add a second vehicle for my business. I do occassionally tow heavy so that's why I was looking at the HD gas as I really couldn't justify a second HD diesel. I'll always keep one diesel around because of the heavy towing I do from time to time, but I don't necessisarily need to tow real heavy with the second pickup, maybe 10-12K. I know that would tax a half ton even with the tow package but I live in western Kansas where it's flat, no traffic, and towing would be local, just delivering seed/ag products. We have old GMT 400 half tons at the farm we tow ridiculous weight with sometimes but that's not out on the open roads either. So are these new half tons with the max tow package kind of like the old 1500HD's? I know those were 8600 GVWR and it looks like you can spec these new half tons up to 7300, but just wondering if that's where this may be headed. Anyone on here towed with a new 2022 with the Max Tow? Leaning towards the 3.0 because of unloaded mileage. I know the 6.2 is a beast but with premium fuel and a lower unladen mileage I'd rather stick to the diesel as I put on 30-35K a year. I know this is a long post but what are thoughts on a B&W gooseneck hitch in one of these new half tons? All my trailers are gooseneck 24-26' with 7K axles. They weigh 5K empty. Was thinking air bags if I went that route. I did see that the ratings for gooseneck towing is way lower which doesn't make a lot of sense to me but maybe it's to do with pin weight and axle ratings. May ultimately end up doing the 2500 but I didn't realize they had bumped the ratings up so high for 2022 on the half tons. I wish the At4 had the higher tow rating. That's the model I want. Any feedback appreciated.
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