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  1. I have removed it, possibly would have left it had it been installed level not skewed. But it's gone now.
  2. Thank you sir! When I wear out this set of tires that's the plan to upgrade the wheels and tires.
  3. I was lucky and found a 2022 refresh optioned they way I wanted it sitting on a lot - previous buyer ordered it with a down payment and backed out of the deal so My GAIN.
  4. "I would be good with upgraded warranty parts on the outside but would never sign up for internal motor work by some tech." Absolutely agree!
  5. I went with the 6.2 because it was equipped with the Trail Boss they had in stock, happy I did as the 5.3 gas mileage is negligible compared to the 6.2 and the added Horsepower is just plain fun.
  6. Running boards were the first thing I did to mine - the prices from the dealership were considerably higher than most aftermarket and not much difference. I wanted the step style instead of using the tubes with pads and ordered direct from Lund and placed my order at the right time during a sale and got them shipped direct to my door for 270.00. Extremely easy to install except for all the frame wax on my arms lol.
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