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  1. Thanks for the clarification. I should go out there without the Alphatherm and fuse installed and have them show me the TSB so I can guide them to do it right. What about the hoses. Do they cut the hoses or put in a plastic tube between the two hoses that are taken off the heater unit. --M
  2. When I went to put my unit in, I was suprised that the recall dealer just cut and taped the hot and ground wire and left the unit in my truck. I now have a factory unit with the wires reconnected by an electronics friend of mine and it is for sale for $40.00 shipped to 48 states. New unit installed. Bummer, I should of looked better as I would not have had to buy one. Dealer wanted to cut the truck side connectors on my truck because he said it had to be totally disabled. Told him to go F himself. Wouldn't set me up for the recall check either unless he performed the recall the way he wanted to. I have gone to one local dealer and called another. They both told me that they would have to cut the wires and pull the fuse. I cannot give them the defective unit and get the $100 check unless I let them. I already have my Alphatherm installed and I don't want anyone messing with it as it works so well. Oh well I guess for the life of the time I have this truck I will not be able to take it to a GM dealer without fear that they will remove the Alphatherm unit and cut the wires. Thanks GM for making me wake up and consider another manufacturer when selecting my next $45K truck. --Michael
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