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  1. 8 speed transmission? Shudder? Take it to dealership!
  2. Not sure what model u have but I know LT and up have sealed housings with led lights in there
  3. Added black body side mouldings with a red insert to tie in the black bumper and grille and red emblems/tow hooks. On the tailgate added red Chevrolet letters and added an 18 redline Silverado emblem. now I just need more red up front...first the chrome on the bow tie will go red, then...any suggestions?
  4. For the last 10 plus years u don’t need to go thru the firewall, everything is under the hood in the fuse box.
  5. Any 20” TrailBoss wheels for sale...shipped to 58282?
  6. Rear Splash Guards

    Get the oem oversized molded flaps for the front and rear.
  7. Did you replace the bow tie or get it wrapped?
  8. My last truck went south and my 15 is 3 months old with 5500 km...they MUST be 6 months old AND have 12000 km...better get a 16 ordered.
  9. Loosen the sway bar link bolts...don't have to remove them.
  10. looks good, i would get one
  11. has anyone tried an oil pan heater that warms the oil instead of the coolant...might work?

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