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  1. My last truck went south and my 15 is 3 months old with 5500 km...they MUST be 6 months old AND have 12000 km...better get a 16 ordered.
  2. Loosen the sway bar link bolts...don't have to remove them.
  3. looks good, i would get one
  4. UPDATE...so all is well today after removing the USB adapter from the AUX port...range is better than ever as it should be with fresh batteries in both fobs.....thanx again.
  5. I would bet it is a cheap chinese product cuz it was bought on ebay albeit from a Canadain seller...thank you very much for your help waumo 1
  6. OK...so i pulled out the USB adapter out of the power outlet and i have range...at least with it sitting in the garage and i ran down the street a few houses...will test again tommorow in the real world cuz its -27 C without the windchill right now and heading for -32 tonight. BUT....how can that 1'' little adapter do that ???
  7. I did stick a dual USB adapter into one power outlet...i will go try without it.
  8. i have used the chin method before with good results until last week and it is everywhere i park...also all the regular spots also no longer work. it also seems to be getting worse everyday?
  9. Last week both my key fobs lost all their range...tried and tested new batteries in both...thinking it must be an issue in the truck? Problem is with both the starting and lock/unlock and panic buttons. Thinking i need to check the ant on the receiver or replace receiver?
  10. has anyone tried an oil pan heater that warms the oil instead of the coolant...might work?

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