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  1. The new toy I picked up last night.
  2. I thought I bought a gray truck....
  3. Mine does this with my iPhone XS. Ironically, the Ford I had before this would do the opposite. It always maxed the volume. [emoji1787][emoji1787]
  4. Where does it say it disables DFM? My screenshot showing DFM disable is in testing is directly from their website...
  5. Thanks for the pic. Yea, I've had KO2s and Duratracs, which I liked both. I also like the look of the Ridge Grapplers shown in this thread.
  6. Yea, 5.3 8spd 3.23. That's the other reason I stopped looking at the bigger lifts/tires. I don't want to re-gear either due to the cost. If I'm going to spend all of that money, I'll just get a 2500. That's the other reason I think this might be a good compromise, because I'd do this 2" lift, stock wheels (20") and only slightly larger tires. I feel like that wouldn't affect towing too much.
  7. I've had two Rams. The first went through multiple transfer cases and they couldn't figure out why. The second and most recent (2009 model) had multiple recall and paint issues. I finally got rid of it when it had a recall for defrost issues, in the middle of the winter, and it wouldn't defrost my windows. I live in Colorado. The dealers said they didn't have the parts, they were on backorder, and they wouldn't give me a loaner because it wasn't a safety issue. Really? Not being able to see out of the windshield isn't a safety issue? Never again. I've had a couple Chevy/GMC trucks I always liked and multiple F150s. Much better experiences.
  8. I wonder how towing would differ with and without this lift installed. I originally wanted to go with a 4" lift with 33s, but I think 33s look too small with that lift from what I've seen (not to mention a good 4" lift is pricey). With 35s, it would hurt towing too much for me. So, this seems like a good middle ground to me.
  9. It's strange to me the amount of posts on this website about how terrible and unbearable the ride is. Of course Chevy isn't going to "read all these posts" and change things, because you all still test drove and purchased the truck. Why would they care after that? Anyways, the dealer had my truck and many others are very high tire pressures. It sounds like most of you checked that already, but I have mine at 35 and it's good enough for me, being a truck and all. It's a rougher ride than the F150s and Rams I've had previously, but I knew that going into this and I was okay with it.
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