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  1. Well I'm about a month past the TSB for the fluid change, and I still have problems. Today when pulling out of garage (truck's temp was probably around 60 degrees), I put it into drive and she rev'd up to about 2000 before it dropped into gear and started moving. Then it was fine the rest of the day. And still the occasional hard shift. Time to go back for the full Torque Converter replacement?
  2. Thanks. I've watched a video on pulling that cover, and i do have panel tools, so should be ok with that. If I want to try to adjust the alignment of the lid (seems to be shifted a bit to the right) by adjusting at the hinges, I'm assuming that would be done by removing the console back cover? Appreciate all your help!
  3. Thank you. So the pinch is between the lid and underside cover so to make sure it’s not going to pinch you should pull the underside panel off and not the rear console back? I do have bucket seats and the full console.
  4. Where is best to access the wireless charger harness from to be sure it's not being pinched when the lid closes? I just had the dealer install a new harness and console lid today under warranty, and well, I don't trust they were careful, and I'd like to make it last this time. Should I remove the rear console cover (probably the easiest option), or do I need to pull the underside lid of the console cover itself? Also, when the console lid was attached by then, I don't think they aligned it very well so I'd like to adjust it. Just SMH at the quality sometimes at the dealerships. Some are fantastic, and others not so much. Thanks for any help you can provide.
  5. And to round this out, what a huge difference in the transmission with the new fluid. Honestly, it's not even like the same truck. Very smooth. Very. If this lasts, I'm a happy camper.
  6. And just got the follow up call that the tech felt the hard clunk from 1-2 and then again from 2-1, so he's doing the trans fluid change now. Also had the rear window recall done, the wireless charger harness replaced, and the console lid replaced (elbow divet) under warranty.
  7. Just had a nice argument with the service advisor now on their second day with my truck. He said the tech reads all the same stuff I can. I said great, then he knows it doesn’t matter if he feels it or not he should do it. He said the tech is going to drive it for the first time today in a few minutes. I told him I really don’t care if he feels it or not because it’s there and per the TSB they can do it on my word. So he should talk to his service manager and/or call GM but I expect it to be done. Frustrating.
  8. Thanks. I didn’t catch that in the TSB. I would have pushed back today when they said “we don’t just fix things we can’t reproduce.” If he tells me tomorrow the same thing I’ll point him to this. I brought the TSB this morning and he said he didn’t need it, that they would look up TSBs themselves and apply them as required.
  9. My Sierra is at the dealer today for the clunk and shutter. Of course they said they can't reproduce, so they asked to keep it overnight so they could drive it when cold in the morning. That's fine, but since it doesn't do it every time, they may not feel it. I asked if they could just apply the TSB and do the fluid change, but they said they have to be able to reproduce it. The bumper to bumper warranty is up in 1000 miles, would the powertrain warranty still cover me till the 60K if they don't do the fluid before the bumper to bumper is over?
  10. Well got to test the tires in snow yesterday and today. We got dumped on, about 20". Remembering that these are not snow tires, but do carry the severe weather rating, I was curious. They did very well. Shockingly well actually, but they are new, so lots of tread. So far, 300 miles in, I am still thrilled with these tires.
  11. Thanks. I'm bringing the TSB with me, so hopefully they just change the fluid to the Mobil 1 synthetic without too much fuss.
  12. My 2018 Sierra SLT is going to the dealer Tuesday for the back window recall, and I told them to check out the transmission. I didn't think I had any issues until I read this thread. I have some shudder I'd say. Doesn't really bother me much, but if there's a TSB or something that can improve it, why not. It's still under warranty. I didn't see the TSB in the thread though, but could have missed it. I skimmed the 9 pages. Could someone post the number so I can read it? Thank you! Edit: Ugh, just found it, I think. There are 2 TSBs mentioned, 18-NA-355 and 16-NA-412. I'll read up on them both. Are there others? Also, my bumper to bumper warranty is up in 1000 miles, but I assume this would be part of the 100k powertrain warranty if it persists or got worse?
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