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  1. Just had mine in last Thursday for the reduced engine power, stabiltrak and traction control warnings. I have 62000 miles on it. Turns out the throttle and accelerator sensors were bad. Throttle sensor was covered by GM but the accelerator wasn't. Can't complain about that. Sent from my SCH-I535
  2. Sent from my DROID BIONIC using Tapatalk 2 My old panel sat on eBay for about a month, not a single look. That upgrade is a nice feature to add.
  3. First off, this has got to be the best forum ever. I got my DIC panel in, I'm searching ebay diligently for a steering wheel with stereo controls ( I think I found one, is $144 an ok price?) I now this center console. Can anyone get me a part # for this assembly? Also, Black Crew,... would you mind a shot of the console without the hat? I'd like to see how it mates to the dash, TIA Pete I have to agree this site is great when it comes to looking for answers. I have already installed the DIC and steering wheel with radio controls thanks to this forum. If you are looking at the wheel for $144 I placed a best offer for $100 and it was accepted immediately. Keep the info coming!
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