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  1. They were all WT, so I would guess that they are figuring they will make more money building the higher trims and can only build so many.
  2. GM must really be hurting to get these trucks built. They just cancelled 2 more of the 5 fleet trucks we had ordered in December. We had signed purchase agreements, so by all intensive purposes these were sold vehicles for them. Of these trucks we had 4, 6 and 8 cylinder engines, so not an engine issue. Dual cab and Crew cab.
  3. Yep. It's a fleet sale through Enterprise. I just thought it was odd they have so many orders they are turning away paying customers. Hopefully it helps you get your quicker.
  4. So here's a weird one. We ordered 5 trucks for work through Enterprise. Placed order with GM Dec 1. Got a notice last week that they cancelled 1 of the trucks, mine. Enterprise says GM took too many orders and are cancelling some. If I want a GM I would have to wait till 2022 orders. Crazy cancelling paying customers, but I guess they have enough orders to keep them busy till July. Guess I'll get a Ram.
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