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  1. LOL Reading is fundamental Brian ;) I said "I have issues but money ISN'T one of them." I change vehicles as circumstances change. In this case I decided I needed something easier to get my dogs in and out of. And anyone who says money can't buy happiness probably didn't have much money lol
  2. You ask me a question then call me a troll for answering LOL Congratulations, you passed the Chevy Owners Test
  3. Never had any issue with the Tundra. It was great while I had it.
  4. Absolutely, I'd spend more time on the Toyota forum but there is nothing to talk about. They don't vibrate LOL And as far as spending money, I have issues but money isn't one of them ;)
  5. The issue isn't them joining an F-150 forum, they typically do. But as soon as they let everyone know that they couldn't stand the vibration any longer and opted out Mook will get back up on his soap box and let them know what a horrible mistake they made lol You tell'em Mook !!!! But those of us that have opted out can't stop watching this train wreck of a thread. I'm on my third new vehicle since I opted out and if it were not for this issue those three all would have been GM vehicles. But I will never buy GM again.
  6. LMAO Bear... That was funny! But it doesn't vibrate LOL
  7. Oh trust me, you won't be seeing a Dodge. It is a 2017 Sequoia, needed something easier for hauling the dogs around than the Tundra. But now as the dogs get bigger and I get even older I am wishing i got a minivan lol So if they are doing a retool for 2019 i'm guessing the 2018's will still have the issue, so sad
  8. Hold on just a second, if this thread is going to go off the rails I'm getting back in !!!!!! J/K Sorry to see this is still going on.
  9. Total up how many hours you spend, trying to deal with this issue. The phone calls, the trips to the dealer the searches - posting on the internet and the time talking to friends/family/co-workers about it. Then decide how much your time is worth. Are other brands perfect, NO. But this is a known issue and GM has decided not to resolve it. In the 18 months since I opted out the only time I spend on this subject is reading this thread, it's kind of like a train wreck. I just can't stop looking
  10. Guessing that's why you disposed of 50K of it on a vibrator.
  11. Well that's just the normal everyday kind of service people get when they spend a large amount of money on a new vehicle, nothing special about that. Err, Umm wait, never mind
  12. More than a few have noticed reduced vibration for a week or so after being up on a lift to have the tires rotated and or balanced. Hopefully yours stays that way.
  13. I'm not disagreeing with you mook, I have always thought it was just vibrations transmitting to the cab that in years past were damped between frame and cab. But if these mounts are in fact the reason why vibrations are now felt in the cab, in this specific generation of truck, why is it not felt in every one of these trucks at the exact same speeds. Wouldn't it stand to reason that some are worse than others due to contributing factors such as poorly manufactures parts ? And one of the poorly manufacture parts could in fact be these specific mounts you are talking about ?
  14. Nope, it's the tires lol Sorry, couldn't help myself. Just silly how they can keep blaming the same tires that other manufacturers are putting on their new vehicles without any issues. The Bridgestones on my truck are the same ones some have on their vibrating GM trucks, but on a Toyota they are smooth as glass. Go figure.
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