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  1. I'm NOT a fan of asymmetrical wheel openings, so, even though I have preferred GMC's last few offerings in the life cycle changes, not this one.
  2. Chubbs, you verify that the TC is in neutral if the rear driveshaft turns (with the rear tires off the ground) when the transmission in in PARK. I don't think it matters which part you align to neutral first, TC or encoder or vise-versa. Apparently in most situations the actuator mounts back onto the TC with no issues because no one online or YouTube mentions problems like I experienced. I put this up because there is nowhere to find this info...except here. BTW after fixing the TC successfully I traded the 2005 which I had purchased new on Dec 31, 2004 for a 2014 Silverado. I notice that you are from Dallas, my daughter and her family moved to Prosper last year and I was getting leery of driving the '05 down there three or four times a year. I had visions of a truck breakdown in OK in front of that prison on Hwy 75 north of Atoka.
  3. Encoder Motor Sensor

    I recently replaced an encoder on a 2005 Sierra also and also read the reprogram/re-flash the TC module advice. My TC worked flawlessly after the encoder install and saw no reason to add further expense, time or trouble.
  4. For anyone who is interested in finding the old school incandescent nearly impossible to find 7444LL brake light bulb, the GM Parts number is 13591403. This can be found at most GM dealerships and various online vendors. I started a quest to find a 7444LL bulb at the local auto parts stores; NAPA, O'Reilly's, Auto Zone, locally owned stores, etc. to no avail. They all sold only the the 7443LL which is a less bright than the 7444LL.
  5. Pics of TC and encoder clocked to neutral.
  6. I'm posting this to help others who may have the same or similar issue. i spent hours on the interweb trying to find this information and it took multiple sources to finally find the answer. At issue was a 2005 GMC K1500 104K miles, the NP246 transfer case started acting weird in the summer of 2016, inquiries on the net led me to replacing the 4WD dash switch. After swapping the new and old switches in and out a few times the problem with the transfer case not shifting, erratic indicator lights, the TC being engaged in the wrong mode, etc. seemed to be fixed, but I didn't trust it. In May 2017 in the middle of a long road trip, the TC problem reappeared. The indicator said it was in 2WD, but there was a drag on the drive line. It remained in a HI range and the drive line did not bind on dry pavement and it cleared up rather quickly so that I could make the 1500 mi. trip home. When I was home I did more interweb searching and found many "encoder" threads on various forums. I ordered a Dorman brand encoder ring on Amazon and was in no hurry to install it, but a few days ago the drive line drag came back. Got the encoder off the truck and replaced the ring, marking the drive and driven gears to insure alignment. But it would not go back onto the TC, the shift shaft on the TC and the socket in the encoder were very slightly misaligned. I could turn the shaft slightly by hand, but not enough to align them and was cautious about using force. The blind spline on the TC shaft was at about 7 o'clock, but I did not know what mode it was in. There was a forum entry saying to use the dash switch to shift the encoder to the last known mode that the TC was in before the encoder was removed. I did this, heard the motor whir and when I looked at the socket it was at about 11 o'clock, now it's way off and I don't know how to get it closer. More searching said to get the rear wheels jack off the ground as to allow turning the driveshaft with the trans in neutral and using a pliers or vise-grips to manually shift the TC. Doing this I discovered that neutral was with the blind spline being at 6 o'clock. But I now need to get the encoder to 6 o'clock. I stumbled upon a You Tube spam video by Delco that offered the final answer, see the link. I followed those instructions to align the bull gear in the encoder by using timing marks on the gear and case that will set blind spline in the gear and the encoder ring to neutral. I hope this long winded explanation and link helps someone.
  7. 2015 Colorado picture

    I was looking online at the Holden Colorado several days ago and speculated to myself that it would be the NA Colorado. I was correct and thank goodness GM put more pleasing sheet metal on the front clip for the Amerinadian version. The Holden has the 2.8 Duramax (4 cyl inline) now, that is apparently sourced from Thailand. The Aussies do not offer a gasoline engine, but offer the baby Duramax with both 6 spd manual and 6 spd auto transmissions.
  8. After 8 working days GM finally offered their assistance for the engine failure. A 40/60 deal, I pay 40% of the repairs and GM pays 60%. Naturally I would have preferred a better settlement (who wouldn't?). As this vehicle was well maintained and the failure occurred at less than 63K and was not the result of owner negligence or abuse, I think 20/80 is far more equitable. This is a hard pill for me to swallow, I grew up with Chevy cars and semi tractors in the family as a kid, my first car (just returned from the Army) was a '68 396/375HP Camaro, followed by more Camaros, Chevy II drag race car, trucks, cars, including Oldsmobile and Pontiac. I was employed for more the thirty years by a Chevy and Oldsmobile dealerships. My blood pretty much is GM blue. But last year the trans failed on my Sierra pickup while vacationing in AZ at 70K and now eight months later I lose the engine in my Envoy. Perhaps there is a blue oval in my future ...yikes I can't believe I wrote that...
  9. Yesterday, Wednesday 5/8, I gave the dealership instructions to pull the head so that the cause of the destroyed spark plug could be determined. They had it off in the PM, quite a mess inside. A valve spring had broken and the valve keepers became dislodged allowing the valve to drop down into the cylinder, reeking a lot of havoc. Another valve had its' head ripped off, hole in the piston top, and general destruction in that cylinder. Pieces of broken off engine innards was sucked through the intake in to the other cylinders. The engine is totaled. Looking at $6K to $7K for parts and labor to replace. I called GMC yesterday and requested assistance. This morning I received a call from a corporate representative who told me that GMC will make a determination and contact me on Monday. Rick
  10. Saturday, while traveling at a sedate 60mph I felt a mild tap in the seat of my pants, glanced down at the instruments to see that the engine RPMs were ZERO, I slipped it into neutral for a re-start, cranked but no start. When it was off of the road I tried to start the engine again, it cranked but would not start. After it sat for a half hour (while waiting for the tow truck) I tried starting the engine, again, it turned over but no start. There was no warning what so ever, no unusual noise, no warning light, nothing to indicate an imminent problem, the engine just stopped, silently. I figured it was a fuel or ignition problem, i.e. bad relay, bad electrical connection, failed fuel pump, etc. I was shocked when the GMC service manager told me that the engine had a catastrophic internal failure. Their technician found the #2 spark plug destroyed and stopped working on the vehicle at that point. The exact problem and cause is not known now, the dealership is waiting for me to decide what I want done, the truck is beyond warranty. I have not spoken to a GMC service rep yet. 2007 Envoy. 62700 miles, Mobil 1 5W30 oil changes with filter when indicated by on board reminder. Oil change interval worked out to between 5500 and 7000 miles. I have found on online searches that a few early production 4.2L engines experienced cylinder liner failures. I'm asking if any forum members had any experience with that problem and what happened when the failure occurred. By and large all comments about the I6 engine are positive with the exception of fuel mileage, including me...until now. Thanks...Rick

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