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  1. had same problem sending unit in tank is bad. I replaced both pump and unit since it was at about 80k.
  2. Disconnect the wire and see what happens.
  3. 2001 Silverado LS 4WD EXT CAB. The abnormal wear is only on the rear driver side tire, where the noise is coming from.
  4. Couple days ago backing out of garage I hear a click from driver side rear wheel. Only does it in reverse. I look at it for something obvious and notice the tire is worn unevenly on the inside. I was thinking the noise was a u joint but never heard of that causing uneven tire wear. The faster I back up the faster the click. Does this sound like the wheel bearing?
  5. I always run on recirc. you could have mice. set some traps under the hood and on floor see if you catch any. I once had them get behind the firewall, chewed the silver cover and got in the insulation, and I was driving it every day.
  6. could be normal slack in drivetrain but you ar in warranty why not have it checked out at least you would have a record you could use in the future if something bad happens.
  7. Friend with same truck as you 5.8 liter (never heard of the 4.9) he had the same situation. his brother is a mechanic. checked it out said it was toast. traded it in on a 2014. hope you have better luck.
  8. must depend on the year as far as programming goes. I can program mine myself in 2 minutes. I probably got a lemon anyway. that panic button setting off the horn drove me nuts.
  9. I bought a replacement online they are not OE. buttons are higher than they should be. I had to disable the panic button inside with tape, it kept going off just being in my pocket. ink wore off the buttons in a couple weeks. every couple months it stops working and I have to re-program it. buy OE, you get what you pay for.
  10. I would only be concerned about tranny if it is automatic with 155K, check the fluid for color and smell, and the brake lines if you are in the salt belt.
  11. I would toss it before it gets stuck in the ignition.
  12. Did not say it was on your truck. Just making suggestion for OP.
  13. Yes it can be one of those things. I know someone who had the problem and a new solenoid fixed it completely.
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